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dry lease, wet lease - To rent an aircraft without a crew is a dry lease; a wet lease is to hire an aircraft with a crew.
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Addressing an event to lay the cornerstone of Saudia's new air operations centre in Jeddah, Al Jasser said a total of 19 aircraft would be phased out over the next few years including its four own B747-400s (thirteen B747-400s are wet-leased from other carriers).
The cargo carrier also uses Boeing 747-400(F) aircraft wet-leased from its sister carrier SkyLease Cargo (GG, Greensboro) on a regular basis and mainly operates from Miami to Latin America.
The temporary wet-leased EY37 and EY38 return service will also see Etihad Airways cabin crew on board, working alongside Air France attendants to provide our guests with an inspired travelling experience that the world's leading airline is best known for.
The airline, which flies to 30 countries and has a fleet of 29 aircraft, has wet-leased four Boeing 777 planes from India's Jet Airways.
The airline has a different market for such an operation, they could operate more all-C class A319s [currently wet-leased from PrivatAir], but so far no decision has been made.
Nigeria Airways is to resume flights from Lagos to Dubai and Jeddah using its wet-leased Boeing 747-300 series aircraft on 25 November.
LAN Cargo transports air cargo in the bellies of LAN Airlines passenger aircraft, in its dedicated freighter fleet, in wet-leased or chartered freighters, and in the bellies of other international airlines.
The switch from one of our wet-leased 747-8Fs to more than 200 scheduled full charters per year as part of this agreement equals a change in our procurement strategy and prepares the ground for the continued expansion of our controlled air freight network.
Dragonair's freighter fleet consists of four 747-200s/300s, one wet-leased A300B4 and one wet-leased 747-400F.
The Nigerian Aviation Minister, Dr Kema Chikwe, has publicly supported a decision by the British government that prevents Nigeria Airways' use of a wet-leased Boeing 747-212 to operate between Lagos and London.
Branson Air Express has announced the plans to bolster operations this summer season with MD-83s wet-leased from Orange Air (Orlando Sanford).
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Tue, Oct 7, 2014 - Snowbird Airlines, based at Helsinki Vantaa, has wet-leased an A320-200, YL-LCM (cn 244), from Latvian ACMI specialist, SmartLynx Airlines (6Y, Riga).