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Noun1.wetnurse - a woman hired to suckle a child of someone elsewetnurse - a woman hired to suckle a child of someone else
nanny, nursemaid, nurse - a woman who is the custodian of children
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The gardai are not there to wetnurse people and what's happening is bringing the whole legal system into disrepute.
The baby notes that she at last brings joy to someone--the wetnurse, who will earn ten zlotys a week.
WETNURSE s/t (Self Release)--NYC mayhem swings the perpetual pendulum of barraging metal-core.
I have located only a single volume of the Wetnurse Books, which corresponds to the late 1850s and early 1860s.
Gary Cestaro's study, the fifth book in "The William and Katherine Devers Series in Dante Studies" through the University of Notre Dame Press, examines a seemingly trivial, but in the end, central symbol in Dante's thought: the wetnurse as a metaphor for the natural acquisition of the first language.
It seems the needy public must wait while the police play wetnurse to delinquents at the ratepayers expense.
The notion of divine birth and/or a divine wetnurse and nanny for the king goes back to the middle of the third millennium in Mesopotamia.
Eventually, Lilburne is betrayed to the authorities by Aunt Cat, his black wetnurse.
At that moment my wetnurse came running, wrapping herself in black, and she shouted, "The news about the Basha has proven true, so give me, Siyah, the two children (tiflayn) and I will take them to Mas'ud Basha's house so they will not be disturbed by the screaming and shrieking.
His metaphor of the two breasts ("les deux Mamelles"), which is also a local toponym, situates the anthropological origins of creole culture in the Da or wetnurse who fed the master's child at one breast and her own at the other.
Here disappears Solveig and her wetnurse Eigil's wheelchair and Peter's suitcases and here Peter's cap w/springs and his scissors and the pictures of Erna in a bikini
For Ginevra being taken to her wetnurse as a baby, in November 1392, see Francesco's letters to Stoldo di Lorenzo, ASPO Datini, 697: 109144 (17 November 1392) and to Manno degli Albizzi, ASPO Datini, 543: 400421r and 400429r (18 November 1392 and 24 November 1392).