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 (wăm′ō, hwăm′ō)
interj. Slang
Used to indicate the startling abruptness of a sound, action, or event: "The alarm goes off and—whammo!—we're all at our assigned stations" (Meg Greenfield).

[Alteration of wham.]


a variant form of wham2
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They mention two straightforward things and then, whammo, the third one shatters the pattern.
Her newly named Cable Entertainment Group accounts for a whammo 50% of NBCUniversal's cash flow.
A perfectly fine day was going swell when - whammo - some situation flipped the world upside down.
These entities let everything ride for a year at a time, then WHAMMO, they hit us with their bills all at one whack, with nary a thought of offering even the slightest glimmer of an idea of what we got for our money.
We just lit it up with an ultraviolet laser and -- whammo -- there was a lot of white light coming out," said Everitt.
The biggest loser from Whammo Wednesday was Graeme Souness and the club he left 24 hours after a fate-sealing 3-0 defeat at Man City don't invite any confidence with Boyles.
I cherish, for instance, all manner of trash stories about twins or clones--films where the hero opens a door or looks down at the horrendous car accident down on the street and, whammo, it is his hitherto unmentioned twin brother or evil clone
Simply enter your tee time and the ZIP code of where you're playing, and whammo, just like a 250-yard shot off the tee, there's the forecast, spread out over 8 hours (in case you play really, really, really slow).
490 Whammo Special that belts them so hard they can't hit the side of a barn.
So along come five feisty, outspoken, attractive young women making bouncy dance music who assure girls that these contradictions can be finessed--that they can be, simultaneously, attractive to boys yet independent, tough, and strong--and, whammo, platinum records and a new wannabe movement.
Beyond an enthusiasm for sincere, manic outpouring, as well as a perfected ability to synchronize minute detail with whammo, allover gestalt, Pittman also shares Pollock's "sadistic and scatological sensibility," at times even his "Gothic-ness, violence, exasperation and stridency" (that's Clement Greenberg talking).
There we all were, chewing our caramels, wondering if Bing Bang-a-Bang Bong would have the edge over Bong Bing-a-Bing Bang and whether to give Croatia nul points, when, suddenly, during the interval - whammo - there it was.