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So much so, Lockwood claimed he could have 'just about fill the paper with contributions written by wharfies on the job'.
In this case, the record of the time when Australia's wharfies were found to have matched the greatest port on earth was retrospectively rewritten.
On day one American longshoremen on both coasts and Australian wharfies brought their countries' ports to a standstill.
106) Funds also arrived from a variety of other unions, including ironworkers, Mortlake gas workers, NSW miners and Tasmanian wharfies.
His use of place names, not least his own name for New Zealand, Pig Island, is anchored in history and often in labour--the work of shepherds, miners, wharfies.
On November 26 the switch was turned on to the second largest capacity roof-top solar energy system in Australia, allowing not only STC but fellow wharfies Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre to derive up to 70 per cent of their power from renewable sources.
Queensland cane-cutters and wharfies seemed more open to new ideas, and more attracted to communist ideology than labourers in other parts of rural Australia.
Soldiers were secretly trained as wharfies in the port of Dubai and the government colluded with Patrick Stevedores and the National Farmers Federation to sack the 2000 workers and replace them with scabs.
They are people from all walks of life--a dairy-farmer, a former war-time air crew staff, a police Commissioner, Labor MPs (such as Kim Beazley, Snr), a prime ministerial adviser on foreign affairs (Allan Griffith), a trade union leader for the wharfies (Jim Beggs), a Laotian refugee, an Aboriginal community worker (Reg Blow)--not to mention their wives of similarly strong personality and dedication.
At Brisbane aircraft to be unloaded were ripped apart by wharfies in revenge for American military police inspecting their lunch-kits for stolen cigarettes.
During the waterfront dispute in 1998, Gawanali and Neowarra sent letters of support to the striking wharfies.
Struggles as seemingly disparate as the dockers and wharfies and United Parcel Service workers, joined by their counterparts at other ends of the transportation network, or the various worldwide and coordinated struggles against the MAI or ownership of genes; or the rebellions that toppled Suharto, or in Chiapas, or Los Angeles, 1992, are expressions of this new class flexing its muscles.