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 (wŏt-ĕv′ər, wŭt-, hwŏt-, hwŭt-)
1. Everything or anything that: Do whatever you please.
2. What amount that; the whole of what: Whatever is left over is yours.
3. No matter what: Whatever happens, we'll meet here tonight.
4. Which thing or things; what: Whatever does he mean?
5. Informal What remains and need not be mentioned; what have you: Please bring something to the party—pretzels, crackers, whatever.
1. Of any number or kind; any: Whatever requests you make will be granted.
2. All of; the whole of: She applied whatever strength she had left to the task.
3. Of any kind at all: No campers whatever may use the lake before noon.
interj. Informal
Used to indicate indifference to or scorn for something, such as a remark or suggestion: We're having pizza tonight.—Whatever. I don't care.
Usage Note: Both whatever and what ever may be used in sentences such as Whatever (or What ever) made her say that? Critics have occasionally objected to the one-word form, but many respected writers have used it. The same is true of the forms whoever, whenever, wherever, and however. In adjectival uses, however, only the one-word form is used: Take whatever (not what ever) books you need. · When a clause beginning with whatever is the subject of a sentence, no comma should be used: Whatever you do is right. In most other cases, a comma is needed: Whatever you do, don't burn the toast. · When a noun followed by a restrictive clause is preceded by whichever or whatever, it is regarded as incorrect to introduce the clause with that in formal writing: whatever book that you want to look at; one should write instead Whatever book you want to look at will be sent to your office or Whichever book costs less (not that costs less) is fine with us. See Usage Notes at however, that.


(wɒtˈɛvə; wət-)
1. everything or anything that: do whatever he asks you to.
2. no matter what: whatever he does, he is forgiven.
3. informal an unknown or unspecified thing or things: take a hammer, chisel, or whatever.
4. an intensive form of what, used in questions: whatever can he have said to upset her so much?.
an intensive form of what: use whatever tools you can get hold of.
(postpositive) absolutely; whatsoever: I saw no point whatever in continuing.
informal an expression used to show indifference or dismissal


(ʰwʌtˈɛv ər, ʰwɒt-, ʰwət-, wʌt-, wɒt-, wət-)

1. anything that (usu. used in relative clauses): Do whatever you like.
2. (used relatively to indicate a quantity of a specified or implied antecedent): Take whatever you like of these.
3. no matter what: Do it, whatever happens.
4. any or any one of a number of things whether specifically known or not: papers, magazines, or whatever.
5. what (used interrogatively): Whatever do you mean?
6. in any amount; to any extent: whatever merit the work has.
7. no matter what: whatever rebuffs you might receive.
8. being what or who it may be: Whatever the reason, she refuses to go.
9. of any kind (used as an intensifier following the noun or pronoun it modifies): any person whatever.
10. (used to indicate indifference to a state of affairs, situation, previous statement, etc.)


Whatever can be a pronoun, a determiner, or an adverb.

1. used as a pronoun or determiner

You use whatever as a pronoun or determiner to refer to anything or everything of a particular kind.

I read whatever I could find about the course.
You can buy whatever ingredients you need from the market.

You can also use whatever to say that something is true in all possible circumstances.

Whatever happens, I'll be back by five.
Whatever type of garden you have, you can have fun growing your own vegetables.
2. used as an adverb

You use whatever after nothing or after a noun phrase beginning with no to emphasize that there is nothing of a particular kind.

He knew nothing whatever about it.
There is no scientific evidence whatever to support this view.
3. used in questions

Whatever is sometimes used in questions to express surprise.

Whatever is the matter?
Whatever do you want to go up there for?

However, many people consider this form to be incorrect, and it is better to write what ever as two separate words.

What ever does it mean?
4. used as an informal response

In informal conversation, people sometimes use whatever as a response, to show that they do not care or have no opinion about something. This use can sound rude.

'Shall we get a pizza tonight?' – 'Whatever. I don't mind.'
'You really should try to be more organized with your schoolwork.' – 'Yeah, whatever.'
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Adj.1.whatever - one or some or every or all without specificationwhatever - one or some or every or all without specification; "give me any peaches you don't want"; "not any milk is left"; "any child would know that"; "pick any card"; "any day now"; "cars can be rented at almost any airport"; "at twilight or any other time"; "beyond any doubt"; "need any help we can get"; "give me whatever peaches you don't want"; "no milk whatsoever is left"
some - quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns to indicate an unspecified number or quantity; "have some milk"; "some roses were still blooming"; "having some friends over"; "some apples"; "some paper"
أي شَيءٍأيَّ شَيءمَهْمامَهْمَا
hvad i alverdenhvad som helsthvilken som helstligegyldigt hvaduanset
mitä tahansa
akármibármiugyan mi ?
allshvaîhvaî semhvaîa sem er
maakt niet uitwat
čo asi
vad som helstvad som…än
her neher neresiher neyseherhangi birhiç
bất cứ thứ gì


1. (= no matter what) whatever it may besea lo que sea
whatever he saysdiga lo que diga
whatever happenspase lo que pase
get it, whatever it costscómpralo, cueste lo que cueste
whatever the weatherhaga el tiempo que haga
2. (= anything that) → lo que; (= everything that) → todo lo que
whatever you likelo que quieras
do whatever you wanthaz lo que quieras
we'll do whatever's necessaryharemos lo que haga falta
whatever you say (acquiescing) → lo que quieras
"I tell you I'm ill" - "whatever you say" (iro) → -te digo que estoy enfermo -sí, sí or -sí, lo que tú quieras
whatever I have is yourstodo lo que tengo es tuyo
whatever you findtodo lo que or cualquier cosa que encuentres
or whatever they're calledo como quiera que se llamen
3. (in questions) → qué
whatever do you mean?¿qué quieres decir?
whatever did you do?¿pero qué hiciste?
whatever did you say that for?¿a santo de qué dijiste eso?
4. (= other similar things) you can put your pyjamas, sponge bag and whatever in hereaquí puedes guardar el pijama, el neceser y todas esas cosas
1. (= any) → cualquier; (= all) → todo
whatever book you choosecualquier libro que elijas
whatever books you choosecualquier libro de los que elijas
give me whatever change you've gotdame todo el cambio que tengas
2. (= no matter what) whatever problems you've got, we'll helpnosotros te ayudaremos, tengas el problema que tengas
3. (in questions) → qué
whatever time is it?¿qué hora podrá ser?
whatever help will that be?¿para qué servirá eso?
C. ADV (with negative) → en absoluto
nothing whatevernada en absoluto
it's no use whateverno sirve para nada
he said nothing whatever of interestno dijo nada en absoluto que tuviera interés


adj (= any)
We can help with whatever problems you have → Nous pouvons vous aider à résoudre tous les problèmes que vous pourriez rencontrer.
Whatever doubts he might have had about Ingrid were all over now → Quels qu'aient été ses doutes sur Ingrid, ils étaient maintenant entièrement dissipés.
(= anything, regardless of what)
Do whatever is necessary → Faites tout ce qui sera nécessaire.
People will judge you whatever you do → Les gens vous jugeront quoi que vous fassiez.
Franklin could do pretty much whatever he pleased → Franklin était libre de faire tout ce qu'il voulait ou presque.
"I love you," he said. - "Whatever that means," she said → "Je t'aime" dit-il. "Allez savoir ce que ça veut dire" répondit-elle.
whatever happens → quoi qu'il arrive
whatever you do (when giving advice)quoi qu'il arrive, sous aucun prétexte
Whatever you do, don't touch that switch → Quoi que vous fassiez, ne touchez pas à cet interrupteur.
(= whatsoever) no reason whatever → absolument aucune raison
nothing whatever → absolument rien
There's nothing whatever we can do about it → Nous ne pouvons absolument rien y faire.
There's no doubt whatever about it → Il n'y a absolument aucun doute à ce sujet.
(for emphasis) (= what)
Whatever is the matter? → Que se passe-t-il donc?
Whatever are you crying for? → Pourquoi donc pleures-tu?
or whatever → ou quoi que ça soit d'autre
whatever! (as reply showing indifference)tout ce que vous voulez


was (auch) (immer); (= no matter what)egal was, ganz gleich was; whatever you likewas (immer) du (auch) möchtest; shall we go home now? — whatever you like or saygehen wir jetzt nach Hause? — ganz wie du willst; whatever it’s calledegal wie es heißt, soll es heißen, wie es will; … or whatever they’re called… oder wie sie sonst heißen; or whateveroder sonst (so) etwas
(interrog) → was … wohl; (impatiently) → was zum Kuckuck (inf); whatever does he want?was will er wohl?, was er wohl will?; (impatiently) → was, zum Kuckuck, will er denn?; whatever do you mean?was meinst du denn bloß?
egal welche(r, s), welche(r, s) (auch) (immer); whatever book you choosewelches Buch Sie auch wählen; whatever else you dowas immer du or egal was du auch sonst machst; for whatever reasonsaus welchen Gründen auch immer
(with neg) → überhaupt, absolut; nothing whateverüberhaupt or absolut gar nichts; it’s of no use whateveres hat überhaupt or absolut keinen Zweck
(interrog) whatever good can come of it?was kann daraus nur Gutes werden?; whatever reason can he have?was für einen Grund kann er nur or bloß or wohl haben?; whatever else will he do?was wird er nur or bloß or wohl noch alles machen?


1. pron
a. (anything that) → (tutto) ciò che, (tutto) quello che; (no matter what) → qualsiasi or qualunque cosa + sub
do whatever you want → fa' quello or ciò che vuoi
do whatever is necessary → fai qualunque cosa sia necessaria
whatever happens → qualsiasi or qualunque cosa succeda
whatever it costs → costi quello che costi
or whatever they're called → o come caspita si chiamano
b. (emphatic) whatever do you mean?cosa vorresti dire?
whatever did you do that for? → perché mai l'hai fatto?
2. adj & adv (any) whatever book you choosequalsiasi or qualunque libro tu scelga; (all) give me whatever money you've gotdammi i soldi che hai
nothing whatever → proprio niente
it's no use whatever → non serve proprio a nulla
no reason whatever or whatsoever → nessuna ragione al mondo


(wot) pronoun, adjective
1. used in questions etc when asking someone to point out, state etc one or more persons, things etc. What street is this?; What's your name/address / telephone number?; What time is it?; What (kind of) bird is that?; What is he reading?; What did you say?; What is this cake made of?; `What do you want to be when you grow up?' `A doctor.'; Tell me what you mean; I asked him what clothes I should wear.
2. (also adverb) used in exclamations of surprise, anger etc. What clothes she wears!; What a fool he is!; What naughty children they are!; What a silly book this is!
relative pronoun
1. the thing(s) that. Did you find what you wanted?; These tools are just what I need for this job; What that child needs is a good spanking!
2. (also relative adjective) any (things or amount) that; whatever. I'll lend you what clothes you need; Please lend me what you can.
whatˈever relative adjective, relative pronoun
any (thing(s) or amount) that. I'll lend you whatever (books) you need.
adjective, pronoun
no matter what. You have to go on, whatever (trouble) you meet; Whatever (else) you do, don't say that!
whatsoever; at all. I had nothing whatever to do with that.
(also what ever) used in questions or exclamations to express surprise etc. Whatever will he say when he hears this?
ˈwhatnot noun
such things. He told me all about publishing and whatnot.
ˈwhat's-his/-her/-its etc -name noun
used in referring vaguely to a person or thing. Where does what's-his-name live?
ˌwhatsoˈever (-sou-) adjective
at all. That's nothing whatsoever to do with me.
know what's what
to be able to tell what is important.
what about?
1. used in asking whether the listener would like (to do) something. What about a glass of milk?; What about going to the cinema?
2. used in asking for news or advice. What about your new book?; What about the other problem?
what … for
1. why(?). What did he do that for?
2. for what purpose(?). What is this switch for?
what have you
and similar things; and so on. clothes, books and what have you.
what if?
what will or would happen if ...?. What if he comes back?
what … like?
used when asking for information about someone or something. `What does it look like?' `It's small and square.'; `What's her mother like?' `Oh, she's quite nice.'; We may go – it depends (on) what the weather's like.
what of it?
used in replying, to suggest that what has been done, said etc is not important. `You've offended him.' `What of it?'
what with
because of. What with taking no exercise and being too fat, he had a heart attack.


مَهْمَا cokoli hvad som helst alles (was wir wollen) οτιδήποτε cualquier, cualquier cosa mitä tahansa n'importe quoi štogod qualsiasi cosa 何でも 어떤~이든 wat hva som helst cokolwiek qualquer, qualquer um всякий vad som…än สิ่งใดก็ตาม ne istersen bất cứ thứ gì 任何事
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Lecount personally, for I know nothing whatever to her prejudice.
The following relation is so curious and entertaining, and the dissertations that accompany it so judicious and instructive, that the translator is confident his attempt stands in need of no apology, whatever censures may fall on the performance.
was very soothing for whatever remains of personal vanity the failures and disappointments of many long years, and much buffeting with a rough world, had left in me.
As the safety of the whole is the interest of the whole, and cannot be provided for without government, either one or more or many, let us inquire whether one good government is not, relative to the object in question, more competent than any other given number whatever.
Easterly weather is generally clear, and that is all that can be said for it - almost supernaturally clear when it likes; but whatever its mood, there is something uncanny in its nature.
Only this, then: whatever may happen to you when I am not here.
There is a sort of ridiculous delicacy about him which requires the fullest explanation of whatever he may have heard to my disadvantage, and is never satisfied till he thinks he has ascertained the beginning and end of everything.
Even as it was, a change grew visible; a change partly to be regretted, although whatever charm it infringed upon was repaired by another, perhaps more precious.
Our inclinations are not in our own power; and whatever may be his merit, I cannot force them in his favour.
Her income was not her own, she said, with such perpetual claims on it; and it was the more unkind in my father, because, otherwise, the money would have been entirely at my mother's disposal, without any restriction whatever.
Thou art right, Sancho my friend," said Don Quixote, "and Altisidora has behaved very badly in not giving thee the smocks she promised; and although that virtue of thine is gratis data- as it has cost thee no study whatever, any more than such study as thy personal sufferings may be- I can say for myself that if thou wouldst have payment for the lashes on account of the disenchant of Dulcinea, I would have given it to thee freely ere this.
Had his own happiness, however, been the only sacrifice, he might have been allowed to sport with it in whatever manner he thought best, but her sister's was involved in it, as she thought he must be sensible himself.

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