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 (wŏt′sĭt, wŭt′-, hwŏt′-, hwŭt′-) or what·sis (-sĭs)
n. Informal
Something whose name is unknown or forgotten.

[From What's it (called)?]


(ˈwɒtsɪt) ,




informal a thing the name of which is unknown, temporarily forgotten, or deliberately overlooked
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noun thingummy, whatever it is (informal), whatchamacallit (informal), what's-its-name, thingummyjig (informal), oojamaflip (informal), thing `She's a whatsit.' `A masochist?' `That's the word.'


[ˈwɒtsɪt] Nchisme m


n (inf)Dingsbums nt (inf), → Dingsda nt (inf), → Dingens nt (dial inf)
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Now, I hardly see any kids with a bat or ball in their hand so if the Twenty20 innovation gets a few youngsters off their backsides and away from their PlayStations, then the purists can take a flying whatsit at the moon.
Or Hearts, or Freecell or some other little computer whatsit, whenever you want to kill some time?
We'd waited 20 years for this moment but the whole day was flatter than a witch's whatsit and the foil container stuck to the arse of my overpriced Hampden pie was the nearest I got to seeing silverware.
It was crafted with cutting edge technology but ended up looking like a badger's whatsit on the M25.
I've been in negotiations with the Premiership's chief executive and he frightens the whatsit out of me.
Yes, another aestheticized whatsit from English art monster Peter Greenaway.
Don't confuse this with the nasty bare metal left exposed on the neighbour's 20-year-old Whatsit - this is deliberate, and it looks and feels a treat.
Despite reports that Queen of the South boss Kenny Brannigan is well miffed at directors for their handling of contractual business, which has led to insecurity in the squad, Burns is as happy as a pig in whatsit.
Would you retreat into your shell, drop the bombshell on your shocked bosses and workmates with a self-pitying whinny before departing in rather sordid haste, leaving your former employers up whatsit creek without a paddle?
An accomplished enough feature directing debut from Adam Abraham, this low-budget, black-and-white whatsit has such an arcane premise, it definitely puts the conceit back into the concept of conceit.
Then, with a head full of Paraguayan whatsit I called the Israeli singer "a bloke in a frock" and was accused of disgraceful transsexism.
I hope the graceless interrogator lost his microphone, got his wallet pinched and caught his whatsit in his fly during a toilet break.