(wâr′to͞o′, hwâr′-)
To what place; toward what end.
To which.


towards what (place, end, etc)?
to which
Also (archaic): whereunto


(ʰwɛərˈtu, wɛər-)

conj., adv.
1. to what or what place or end.
2. to which.


[ˌwɛəˈtuː] ADV (frm or liter) → adonde
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There is much in that sound to inspire proud feelings; but whereto does all that circumnavigation conduct?
And whereto, then, would your prisoner escape should you leave her, unless it was to follow you and crave your protection, and ask your pardon for the cruel thoughts she has harbored against you these past few days?
Good, as goodness might be measured in their particular class, hard-working for meagre wages and scorning the sale of self for easier ways, nervously desirous for some small pinch of happiness in the desert of existence, and facing a future that was a gamble between the ugliness of unending toil and the black pit of more terrible wretchedness, the way whereto being briefer though better paid.
Then ye may not do better, good folk, than gather and hear the tale I have to tell, sith it concerneth you, forasmuch as ye go to find that ye will not find, and seek that ye will seek in vain, my life being hostage for my word, and my word and message being these, namely: That a hap has happened where- of the like has not been seen no more but once this two hundred years, which was the first and last time that that said misfortune strake the holy valley in that form by commandment of the Most High whereto by reasons just and causes thereunto contributing, wherein the matter --"
Yousuf stated that he was hit on his head many times consequent whereto he started bleeding.
Fireworks stakeholders noted that until now, majority of the community fireworks display areas have not yet been announced and the uncertainty has prevented the public from buying legitimate firecrackers because they don't know whereto use the fireworks.
And as these heauens still by degrees arize, Vntill they come to their first Mouers bound, That in his mightie compasse doth comprize, And carrie all the rest with him around, So those likewise doe by degrees redound, And rise more faire, till they at last ariue To the most faire, whereto they all do striue.
And before I literally could even figure out where to escape or whereto look, he ejaculated.
It is also important to consider whereto the iron ore is sold as the index includes transport to China and hence if there is a shorter transport involved the price paid will be affected.
III Wide from your side, whereto this hour The sea lifts, also, reliquary hands.
In doing so, he negates his own agency; in the next sonnet, he laments, "Helplessly afloat, / I know not what I do, whereto I strive" (Sonnet XL, 11.