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whet  (hwt, wt)
tr.v. whet·ted, whet·ting, whets
1. To sharpen (a knife, for example); hone.
2. To make more keen; stimulate: The frying bacon whetted my appetite.
1. The act of whetting.
2. Something that whets.
3. Informal An appetizer.

[Middle English whetten, from Old English hwettan.]

whet (wɛt)
vb (tr) , whets, whetting or whetted
1. (General Engineering) to sharpen, as by grinding or friction
2. to increase or enhance (the appetite, desire, etc); stimulate
3. (General Engineering) the act of whetting
4. a person or thing that whets
[Old English hwettan; related to hvæt sharp, Old High German hwezzen, Old Norse hvetja, Gothic hvatjan]
ˈwhetter n
whet (ʰwɛt, wɛt)

v. whet•ted, whet•ting,
n. v.t.
1. to sharpen (a knife, tool, etc.) by grinding or friction.
2. to make keen or eager; stimulate: to whet the appetite; to whet the curiosity.
3. the act of whetting.
4. something that whets; stimulus, esp. an appetizer or drink.
[before 900; Old English hwettan (derivative of hwæt bold); c. Old High German hwazzan, Old Norse hvetja to sharpen, Gothic gahwatjan to entice]
whet′ter, n.

Past participle: whetted
Gerund: whetting

I whet
you whet
he/she/it whets
we whet
you whet
they whet
I whetted
you whetted
he/she/it whetted
we whetted
you whetted
they whetted
Present Continuous
I am whetting
you are whetting
he/she/it is whetting
we are whetting
you are whetting
they are whetting
Present Perfect
I have whetted
you have whetted
he/she/it has whetted
we have whetted
you have whetted
they have whetted
Past Continuous
I was whetting
you were whetting
he/she/it was whetting
we were whetting
you were whetting
they were whetting
Past Perfect
I had whetted
you had whetted
he/she/it had whetted
we had whetted
you had whetted
they had whetted
I will whet
you will whet
he/she/it will whet
we will whet
you will whet
they will whet
Future Perfect
I will have whetted
you will have whetted
he/she/it will have whetted
we will have whetted
you will have whetted
they will have whetted
Future Continuous
I will be whetting
you will be whetting
he/she/it will be whetting
we will be whetting
you will be whetting
they will be whetting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been whetting
you have been whetting
he/she/it has been whetting
we have been whetting
you have been whetting
they have been whetting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been whetting
you will have been whetting
he/she/it will have been whetting
we will have been whetting
you will have been whetting
they will have been whetting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been whetting
you had been whetting
he/she/it had been whetting
we had been whetting
you had been whetting
they had been whetting
I would whet
you would whet
he/she/it would whet
we would whet
you would whet
they would whet
Past Conditional
I would have whetted
you would have whetted
he/she/it would have whetted
we would have whetted
you would have whetted
they would have whetted
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Verb1.whet - make keen or more acute; "whet my appetite"
excite, stir, stimulate - stir feelings in; "stimulate my appetite"; "excite the audience"; "stir emotions"
2.whet - sharpen by rubbing, as on a whetstonewhet - sharpen by rubbing, as on a whetstone
sharpen - make sharp or sharper; "sharpen the knives"

verb stimulate, increase, excite, stir, enhance, provoke, arouse, awaken, animate, rouse, quicken, incite, kindle, pique a delicious aroma which whetted our appetites
stimulate depress, dull, suppress, blunt, subdue, stifle, numb, smother, dampen, deaden
whet [wet] VT [+ tool] → afilar, amolar; [+ appetite, curiosity] → estimular, despertar

whet hwɛt] vt [+ appetite] → aiguiser

vt knife, scythewetzen; axeschleifen, schärfen; appetite, curiosityanregen

whet [wɛt] vt (tool) → affilare; (appetite, curiosity) → stuzzicare

whet (wet) past tense, past participle ˈwhetted verb
1. to sharpen (a tool) by rubbing it on a grindstone or whetstone.
2. to make (one's appetite) keen.
ˈwhetstone noun
a stone for sharpening the blades of knives etc.

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Still calmly, though my heart was going pitapat, I pulled out Louis's dirk and began to whet it on the stone.
These fragments of nourishment served only to whet my hunger.
Maurice Huret in his famous article gave an outline of Charles Strickland's life which was well calculated to whet the appetites of the inquiring.
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