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 (wĭch-ĕv′ər, hwĭch-)
Whatever one or ones.
Being any one or any number of a group: Read whichever books you please. It's a long trip whichever road you take. See Usage Note at whatever.


a. any (one, two, etc, out of several): take whichever car you like.
b. (as pronoun): choose whichever appeals to you.
a. no matter which (one or ones): whichever card you pick you'll still be making a mistake.
b. (as pronoun): it won't make any difference, whichever comes first.


(ʰwɪtʃˈɛv ər, wɪtʃ-)

1. any one that: Take whichever you like.
2. no matter which: Whichever you choose, the others will be offended.
3. no matter which.


Whichever can be a determiner or a pronoun. It is used in two different ways.

You can use it to say that it does not matter which of a range of alternatives happens or is chosen.

The United States would be safe whichever side won.
Whichever way you look at it, neutrality is folly.
We will immediately refund your money in full, or replace the item, whichever you prefer.

You can also use whichever when you are indicating which of a range of things is the right one or the one you mean.

Use whichever soap powder is recommended by the manufacturer.
Use whichever of the forms is appropriate.
أي، أيُّهُماأَيّالى أي، في أي
hvilken som helstligegyldigt hvilkenuanset hvordan
mikä t. kuka t. miten tahansa
kako god
amelyik csak
hver/hvor/hvaîa semsama hver/hvaîa
ktorýkoľvekten, ktorý
hangi ...-sehangisi olursaistediğin şekilde
bất cứ người/vật nào


1. (= no matter which) whichever of the methods you choosecualquiera de los métodos que escojas, no importa el método que escojas
2. (= the one which) → el/la que
choose whichever is easiestelige el que sea más fácil
1. (= no matter which) whichever system you have there are difficultiesno importa el sistema que tengas, hay problemascualquiera que sea el sistema que tengas, hay problemas
whichever way you look at itse mire como se mire
2. (= any, the ... which) → el ... que/la ... que
you can choose whichever system you wantpuedes eligir el sistema que quieras


(= whatever) → n'importe quel(le)
Take whichever book you prefer → Prenez le livre que vous préférez, peu importe lequel.
whichever book you take → quel que soit le livre que vous preniez
whichever way you do it (= however) → de quelque façon que vous vous y preniez, quelle que soit la manière dont vous vous y prenez
whichever way you look at it → quel que soit l'angle sous lequel on se place
pronquel(le) que soit
Whichever you choose, I hope you're happy with it → Quel que soit celui que vous choisirez, j'espère que vous en serez content.
whichever you prefer → selon ce que vous préférez
We will gladly exchange your goods, or refund your money, whichever you prefer → Nous serons ravis d'échanger vos produits ou de vous rembourser, quelle que soit la solution que vous retiendrez.


adjwelche(r, s) auch immer; (= no matter which)ganz gleich or egal or einerlei welche(r, s)
pronwelche(r, s) auch immer; whichever (of you) has the most moneywer immer (von euch) das meiste Geld hat


1. adj (that one which) → quello/a che; (no matter which) → qualsiasi + sub, qualunque + sub
take whichever one you prefer → prendi quello che preferisci
take whichever book you prefer → prendi il libro che preferisci
whichever book you take → qualsiasi libro tu prenda
you can choose whichever system you want → puoi scegliere il sistema che vuoi
whichever system you have there are difficulties → qualsiasi sistema tu abbia ci sono delle difficoltà
whichever way you look at it → da qualunque punto di vista lo si consideri
2. pron (the one which) → quello/a che; (no matter which one) → qualsiasi + sub, qualunque + sub
whichever of the methods you choose → qualsiasi or qualunque metodo tu scelga
choose whichever you like → scegli quello che ti piace


(witʃ) adjective, pronoun
used in questions etc when asking someone to point out, state etc one or more persons, things etc from a particular known group. Which (colour) do you like best?; Which route will you travel by?; At which station should I change trains?; Which of the two girls do you like better?; Tell me which books you would like; Let me know which train you'll be arriving on; I can't decide which to choose.
relative pronoun
(used to refer to a thing or things mentioned previously to distinguish it or them from others. able to be replaced by that except after a preposition: able to be omitted except after a preposition or when the subject of a clause) (the) one(s) that: This is the book which/that was on the table; This is the book (which/that) you wanted; A scalpel is a type of knife which/that is used by surgeons; The chair (which/that) you are sitting on is broken; The documents for which they were searching have been recovered.
relative adjective, relative pronoun
used, after a comma, to introduce a further comment on something. My new car, which I paid several thousand pounds for, is not running well; He said he could speak Russian, which was untrue; My father may have to go into hospital, in which case he won't be going on holiday.
whichˈever relative adjective, relative pronoun
1. any (one(s)) that. I'll take whichever (books) you don't want; The prize will go to whichever of them writes the best essay.
2. no matter which (one(s)). Whichever way I turned, I couldn't escape.
which is which(?)
which is one and which is the other (?). Mary and Susan are twins and I can't tell which is which.


أَيّ kterýkoli uanset hvordan Wie auch immer οποιοσδήποτε cualquiera sea, sea cual sea mikä t. kuka t. miten tahansa n'importe lequel kako god qualunque どちらでも 어느~이든 hoe dan ook uansett jakkolwiek qualquer que, qualquer um любой vilken…än คน/สิ่งใดก็ตาม istediğin şekilde bất cứ người/vật nào 任何人或事
References in classic literature ?
Talk it over with the girls, and whichever way you decide, I'll do my best to help you.
The eye of the hunter, or scout, whichever he might be, was small, quick, keen, and restless, roving while he spoke, on every side of him, as if in quest of game, or distrusting the sudden approach of some lurking enemy.
Or was there, as it rather seemed, a circle of ominous shadow moving along with his deformity whichever way he turned himself?
Whether the flitting attendance of the one still and solitary jet had gradually worked upon Ahab, so that he was now prepared to connect the ideas of mildness and repose with the first sight of the particular whale he pursued; however this was, or whether his eagerness betrayed him; whichever way it might have been, no sooner did he distinctly perceive the white mass, than with a quick intensity he instantly gave orders for lowering.
Whether fagged by the three days' running chase, and the resistance to his swimming in the knotted hamper he bore; or whether it was some latent deceitfulness and malice in him: whichever was true, the White Whale's way now began to abate, as it seemed, from the boat so rapidly nearing him once more; though indeed the whale's last start had not been so long a one as before.
This man was as hard-tempered and hard-handed as Samson; he always spoke in a rough, impatient voice, and if I did not move in the stall the moment he wanted me, he would hit me above the hocks with his stable broom or the fork, whichever he might have in his hand.
Only I'll make one suggestion: I've seen this child whipped with a poker, knocked down with the shovel or tongs, whichever came handiest, &c.
It swore every boy to stick to the band, and never tell any of the secrets; and if anybody done anything to any boy in the band, whichever boy was ordered to kill that person and his family must do it, and he mustn't eat and he mustn't sleep till he had killed them and hacked a cross in their breasts, which was the sign of the band.
Come to think, Becky, we are away down below them -- and I don't know how far away north, or south, or east, or whichever it is.
This we did by begging and stealing, whichever came handy in the time of need, the one being considered as legitimate as the other.
It is such enjoyment to them, that if their uncle did not lay down the rule of their taking turns, whichever began would never give way to the other.
replied Catherine, striking one hand on her forehead, and the other on her breast: 'in whichever place the soul lives.