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also whim·sey  (wĭm′zē, hwĭm′-)
n. pl. whim·sies also whim·seys
1. An unusual, unexpected, or fanciful idea; a whim.
2. Quaint, fanciful, or playful humor: stories full of whimsy.

[Probably from whim-wham, fanciful object.]


(ˈwɪmzɪ) or


n, pl -sies or -seys
1. a capricious idea or notion
2. light or fanciful humour
3. something quaint or unusual
adj, -sier or -siest
quaint, comical, or unusual, often in a tasteless way
[C17: from whim; compare flimsy]


or whim•sey

(ˈʰwɪm zi, ˈwɪm-)

n., pl. -sies or -seys.
1. capricious humor; playful expression: a comedy with an air of whimsy.
2. an odd or fanciful notion.
3. anything playful or fanciful, as an artistic creation.
[1595–1605; whim (-wham) + -sy]
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Noun1.whimsy - an odd or fanciful or capricious idea; "the theatrical notion of disguise is associated with disaster in his stories"; "he had a whimsy about flying to the moon"; "whimsy can be humorous to someone with time to enjoy it"
idea, thought - the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about; "it was not a good idea"; "the thought never entered my mind"
2.whimsy - the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment; "I despair at the flightiness and whimsicality of my memory"
irresponsibility, irresponsibleness - a form of untrustworthiness; the trait of lacking a sense of responsibility and not feeling accountable for your actions


also whimsey
An impulsive, often illogical turn of mind:


[ˈwɪmzɪ] N (= whim) → capricho m, antojo m; (= whimsicality) → fantasía f


whimsey [hwɪmzi] nfantaisie f


(= caprice, fancy)Spleen m, → Grille f (dated)
References in classic literature ?
The whimsy, for it could be nothing more, curtailed me of my sleep that night, and you may picture me trying both sides of the pillow.
This charming collection of previously untranslated stories, advice columns, and articles captures the passion and whimsy of Influential French writer and personality Colette.
Whimsy is a sad fragile looking blonde girl who has been weighed down by her heavy things.
But life until Chadh feelgood whimsy just aren far to mak Chadha's films are usually tagged feelgood, but this is more feelsick.
Jigsaws were now widely available to all, but the early skills and quirky additions, such as the whimsy, disappeared.
Bit of Whimsy wins: Bit of Whimsy raced to her first Grade I victory, beating Dreaming of Anna by 21/4 lengths in the $500,000 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky.
Stretching from floor to ceiling, they admit whimsy without sacrificing an ounce of beauty, and their titles, Frieze Festoon (all works 2005) and FedEx Festoon (the former is made of glass, string, and laminated ephemera, the latter of glass and laminated FedEx airbills), underscore an unapologetically decorative intent.
He has also given the world a startling image of paranoia and intolerance--evidence that when religious liberty is lost, so too are imagination and whimsy.
A lime silk lamp provides light and a bit of whimsy.
Part-time iconoclast and two-fingered typist Dale Andrew White is a natural born storyteller with an especial flair for blending fantasy, whimsy, satire, and a fevered imagination into original stories that are replete with ribald humor and reader-engaging novelty.
Dressed in their Parades and Changes unisex suits with black bowler hats and umbrellas, the dancers turned their nightly trip from the hotel to the theater into a processional echoing the irreverent whimsy of the animated sculptures of Niki de St.
And while Maritime's debut album, Glass Floor, lacks the mechanical whimsy of the Dismemberment Plan, the J Robbins-produced record is playful and well crafted, alternatively lush and sparse.