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 (wĭn′chăt′, hwĭn′-)
A small brownish songbird (Saxicola rubetra) of Eurasia and Africa, having a buff breast and a broad white stripe above the eye.


(Animals) an Old World songbird, Saxicola rubetra, having a mottled brown-and-white plumage with pale cream underparts: subfamily Turdinae (thrushes)
[C17: from whin1 + chat1]


(ˈʰwɪnˌtʃæt, ˈwɪn-)

a small Old World thrush, Saxicola rubetra, having a buff-colored breast and white patches in the tail.
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Noun1.whinchat - brown-and-buff European songbird of grassy meadowswhinchat - brown-and-buff European songbird of grassy meadows
Old World chat, chat - songbirds having a chattering call


[ˈwɪnˌtʃæt] n (Zool) → staccino
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The Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club has given a grant of PS500 to create a fresh water pool in the Gambia in west Africa to benefit not only native birds but also British migrant species such as chiffchaff, redstart and whinchat.
The contract also requires surveys of breeding waders, 'dispersed wintering waterbird species', Whinchat, and a review of existing data.
The kittiwake and whinchat have alarmingly jumped from the Green list to the Red list, highlighting the pressures affecting our breeding seabirds and upland birds.
Nathan McGrail, 25, of Whinchat Avenue, Newton, is charged with conspiring to transfer criminal property.
To help The Pumas |Cheerleading Club, send your tokens to: 1 Whinchat Tail, Guisborough, Cleveland, TS14 8PW.
The moors are home to bird species, such as merlin, golden plover, curlew, peregrine falcon, lapwing, dunlin snipe, redshank, common sand-piper, short -eared owl, whinchat, wheatear, ring ouzel and twite.
Cuckoo numbers have fallen by almost half since 1995, wood warblers have seen numbers fall by 60 per cent and whinchat and yellow wagtail populations have dropped by 55 per cent.
It had already departed, but the walk to Carmel Head featured plenty of migrants, with whinchat, marsh harrier and golden plovers, plus at least 60 whimbrel, one with coloured rings hatched in Sweden.
2006: Impact of grassland farming intensification on the breeding ecology of an indicator insectivorous passerine, the Whinchat Saxicola rubetra: Lessons for overall Alpine meadowland management.
A tree was blown down in Whinchat Grove, Spennells, Kidderminster, damaging three cars and a garage.
A Black Redstart was at Great Orme copper mine, with a Whinchat nearby and the headland's first ever Dartford Warbler.