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 (wĭn′chăt′, hwĭn′-)
A small brownish songbird (Saxicola rubetra) of Eurasia and Africa, having a buff breast and a broad white stripe above the eye.


(Animals) an Old World songbird, Saxicola rubetra, having a mottled brown-and-white plumage with pale cream underparts: subfamily Turdinae (thrushes)
[C17: from whin1 + chat1]


(ˈʰwɪnˌtʃæt, ˈwɪn-)

a small Old World thrush, Saxicola rubetra, having a buff-colored breast and white patches in the tail.
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Noun1.whinchat - brown-and-buff European songbird of grassy meadowswhinchat - brown-and-buff European songbird of grassy meadows
Old World chat, chat - songbirds having a chattering call


[ˈwɪnˌtʃæt] n (Zool) → staccino
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Whinchats, merlins and long-eared owls are the latest additions.
Though Whinchats are returning to their moorland nest sites, a few have been seen in the lowlands, at RSPB Malltraeth Marsh, RSPB Conwy and Connah's Quay.
So too will Spotted and Pied Flycatchers, Whinchats, Common and Black Redstarts and White Wagtails.
For some birds, like storks, skylarks, ortolans and whinchats rural areas and field spaces are crucial ecosystems in the world scale (www.
The results revealed that 90 per cent of whinchats (Saxicola rubetra), European nightjars (Caprimulgus europaeus) and other rare birds nested in the border zone instead of adjacent farmland, proving the natural reserve's importance to species displaced by intensive agriculture.
It begins in late winter with the chirping and trilling calls of chaffinches, blackbirds, robins, skylarks, great tits and wrens, and builds to a crescendo in April and May, when these year round residents are joined by migratory cuckoos, yellow wagtails, whinchats, turtle doves and wood warblers, as well as nightingales.
Gusty easterlies made hard work of birding the headlands, but there were rewards at the weekend with 173 wheatears on Bardsey, 16 whinchats at RSPB Point of Ayr, black redstart and ring ouzels on the Great Orme.
LINDISFARNE, Northumberland: Sand martins, some of which stay to breed, are followed by wheatears and whinchats, chiffchaff and willow warbler.
But there is some good news, with increases in the numbers of birds such as curlews and whinchats.
But the Whitethroat had little need to change its holiday plans on that account; nor would the Wagtails and Whinchats and Warblers who would shortly be following it.
Delicate whinchats, with their bold white eyestripes, can be seen feeding in weedy fields both inland and at the coast.
As the moorland bursts with colour in summer, the young fledge their nests, bringing with it an opportunity to catch some striking woodpeckers and whinchats.