whip away

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w>whip away

vt sepwegreißen, wegziehen (from sb jdm)
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Enright decided in the early part of a handicap he might reasonably give his whip away on request.
Then, on the first of December, or two weeks later if you are middle-class, you can whip away the screen and - Ding Dong Merrily On High - it''s instant Christmas.
The water was very cold and with it being fast flowing it also helped to whip away any heat from the body.
The jockey threw his whip away in disgust and ended up walking across the finish line as father-offour Tommy disappeared back into the crowd.
If that means taking the whip away from certain individuals, I know the vast majority of the parliamentary party would be supportive of that.
At the first sign of a chill in the air they efficiently whip away light 'summer' throws and cushions, replacing them with warmer ones which had of course been carefully stored away clean and pressed.
It is called 'hard sell your product, whip away your customer's money and keep them on a distant leash with regards to after-sales service'.
But let us hope that any new government does not whip away necessary funds as any cutbacks are imposed.