whirl around

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Verb1.whirl around - fly aroundwhirl around - fly around; "The clothes tumbled in the dryer"; "rising smoke whirled in the air"
move - move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion; "He moved his hand slightly to the right"
References in classic literature ?
Stealing backward glances as he ran, he was always ready to whirl around and down the overzealous pursuer that outran his fellows.
Jerry's first intimation of Borckman's arrival was a cruel and painful clutch on his flank and groin that made him cry out in pain and whirl around.
These remarks were greeted with shouts of laughter by the impish creatures and one seized the Scarecrow's arm and was astonished to find the straw man whirl around so easily.
During a recent interview at a cafe, he would often rise out of his chair, whirl around in a quick turn, and undulate his arms and wrists while gesticulating to express the ideas that his words could not.
CHARLES Bronson's new wife is dancing on air - because the notorious inmate is now allowed to give her a whirl around his jail.
Those enjoying the return of Dancing on Ice and who now fancy themselves a bit of a Jayne Torvill or a Christopher Dean can take a whirl around this open-air rink in Newcastle to banish the winter blues.
It is programmed to whirl around looking for places to hide, making a suitably annoying din.
07566) paper on their project that Uranus having rings that whirl around the planet near the orbits of its innermost moons "hints at the possibility of an evolving inner ring-moon system dominated by accretion," referring to the process by which matter accumulates in space.
In fact, it lies a fair fraction of the way to the pair of much smaller, yellower stars that whirl around the primary at a distance of about 300 a.
And don't forget, visitors to Life can also still grab a pair of ice skates and take a whirl around the outdoor ice rink which is open until February 21.
But Alaska just kept increasing the game's energy level by having Calvin Abueva, Vic Manuel and Chris Banchero tirelessly whirl around Fajardo and his teammates.
An insider said: "It makes I'm a Celebrity's bushtucker trials look like a whirl around the dancefloor.