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 (wĭs′kər, hwĭs′-)
a. whiskers The hair on a man's cheeks and chin.
b. A single hair of a beard or mustache.
2. One of the long stiff tactile bristles or hairs that grow near the mouth and elsewhere on the head of most mammals; a vibrissa.
3. Informal A narrow margin; a hairsbreadth: The candidate lost the election by a whisker.
4. Nautical One of two spars or booms projecting from the side of a bowsprit for spreading the jib or flying-jib guys.
5. Chemistry An extremely fine filamentary crystal with extraordinary tensile strength and unusual electrical or surface properties.

[Middle English wisker, anything that whisks, from wisken, to whisk; see whisk.]

whisk′ered, whisk′er·y adj.


adj, -skerier or -skeriest
1. having whiskers
2. old; unkempt
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Adj.1.whiskery - having hair on the cheeks and chinwhiskery - having hair on the cheeks and chin  
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
ذو شَوارِب
meî vangaskegg/veiîihár
bradatýfúzatýs bokombradami


adj manschnurrbärtig; facebärtig, stoppelig; kisskratzend


(ˈwiskə) noun
1. in plural a man's moustache, beard and/or sideburns.
2. (usually in plural) one of the long hairs between the nose and the mouth of a cat etc.
ˈwhiskered, ˈwhiskery adjective
miss etc by a whisker
to manage only barely to miss etc.
References in classic literature ?
Why, you whiskery old skunk, you ain't got the grit to shoot sour apples," was Billy's answer.
It's what comes of schlepping around Italian hot spots researching the lives of whiskery old Romans as Britain's finest writer of historical fiction.
But when a bigger wave than usual, an old whiskery one, came lolloping along in her direction, she scrambled to her feet with a face of horror and flew up the beach again.
heard the one about the fish" (445), Bob Death recites a joke that was later reused by the novel's author in a commencement speech delivered at Kenyon College in 2005 (collected posthumously in a 2009 volume titled This Is Water): "This wise old whiskery fish swims up to three young fish and goes, 'Morning, boys, how's the water' and swims away; and the three young fish watch him swim away and look at each other and go, 'What the fuck is water?
There were games of cricket played by two whiskery gents (aka Talking Birds from Coventry) that threatened the glass windows of the theatre; comedy street dance staged by Corey Baker Dance with a sound track that changed every few seconds; and a hip hop hour where local young performers and crews put on 60 minutes of non-stop song, dance and MC-ing.
Trouble, Stubble, Goyle and Bubble, he called them: Dewi's wife Mary, the vicar's whiskery missus Shirley, hatchet-faced Chrissie Hobson and a pretty young thing with chestnut curls.
Thor stands for whiskery adventure fantasies set on far-off worlds (and, occasionally, Earth).
Around a dozen or so blokes put their razors down for the month, and it's just been revealed that their whiskery adventures raised a whopping PS1,185.
Mother's petitioners ask about the source of a headache, the whereabouts of a husband "with a whiskery face" (149) who "quit" his wife, about "the drugged-out feeling I have in my legs" (151), or about a cure for a "little afflicted girl" (150).
is probably even older and more whiskery than originally thought and may well have had them groaning in the aisles in Ancient Greece itself
It is a good place to spot seals but those whiskery creatures were proving elusive again so we took a trip a few miles out of town to the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary, at Barcaldine, on the shores of Loch Creran.
Top right, Lucy Taylor, 6, at work and, bottom right, Aryan Dubey, 5, with his whiskery creation Pictures by Mike Clark (S)