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or whis·tle-blow·er or whistle blower  (wĭs′əl-blō′ər, hwĭs′-)
One who reveals wrongdoing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority: "The Pentagon's most famous whistleblower is ... hoping to get another chance to search for government waste" (Washington Post).

whis′tle-blow′ing n.




a. the practice of informing on someone or putting a stop to something
b. (as modifier): a whistle-blowing policy.
2. (as modifier): a whistle-blowing policy.


n (fig)Verrat m
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The court ruled that the statutory delineation of different instances of protected whistle-blowing conduct, in light of the purposes of the act and its written notice requirement, speaks against application of a written notice requirement to all protected whistle-blowing activity.
If necessary, legislate the requirement for an internal-audit department and these whistle-blowing standards.
The report calls for greater protection of scientist who come forward: "When necessary, serious and considered whistle-blowing is an act of courage that should be supported by the entire research community.
How much whistle-blowing will be needed to turn things around?
42% of workers say that their employers have a whistle-blowing policy in place, compared with 29 per cent in 2007
What with Wiki-leaks, NHS revelations and the more recent US surveillance allegations, whistle-blowing is more prominent in our media than ever and can gain a global dimension at the click of a button.
Plaid Cymru's spokesperson on young people Jocelyn Davies asked the Welsh Government to enshrine its whistle-blowing policy into legislation rather than just issuing guidance.
He fears being sent to the United States if he travels to Sweden, to face interrogation over the whistle-blowing website.
THE Government's Chief Nursing Officer has told a public inquiry into catastrophic failings at an NHS Trust that more needs to be done to support whistle-blowing within the health service.
Summary: Interpol will assist in the arrest of Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, who is wanted in Sweden.
Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has released a classified CIA report examining the implications of the United States being perceived as an "exporter of terrorism".
When she raised the issues with the charity's boss, Gareth Binding, she said she was constantly brushed off then subjected to a campaign of victimisation for whistle-blowing.