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Noun1.white bead - North American herb with white poisonous berrieswhite bead - North American herb with white poisonous berries
cohosh, herb Christopher, baneberry - a plant of the genus Actaea having acrid poisonous berries
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They were delighted, also, with blue and white beads, particularly the former, and wore broad tight bands of them round the waist and ankles, large rolls of them round the neck, and pendants of them in the ears.
Look at that young lady with the white beads round her head," whispered Catherine, detaching her friend from James.
The translucence of a genuine ivory bead is able to pick up a little extra light, the reason some beads are still made from abundant warthog ivory, but a white bead really presents problems when aiming at a white target, no matter what the color of the aiming point.
Kelly's personal style tips: wear a vibrant turquoise, gold and white bead necklace with a simple white shirt.
All current fixtures will be replaced with white bead board and glass cabinets with Carrera Marble counter tops.
For the first selection of ten beads, the probability that a white bead will be chosen is 0.
George Sanders, of Wyken, Coventry, of said: "I found this spider guarding a white bead in the leaves of a lupin, I think it thinks it's an egg
On either side is a row of white bead with the third white row in the middle.
These sights are designed for fast shooting in combat situations and feature a white bead front sight with a tritium insert.
Featuring a 3/32-inch white bead, the sight fits the standard Ruger front ramp and is available in heights of .
COM/BASERRI-SHOTGUNS GUN: HUNTER ELITE ACTION TYPE: O/U O/U GAUGE: 28, 20, 12 (tested) 12 CHOKE TUBES: IC, M, IM, F C, IC, M, IM, F CAPACITY: 2 2 BARREL LENGTH: 28" 30" or 32" OVERALL LENGTH: 45" 47" or 49" WEIGHT: 6 pounds, 10 ounces 8 pounds, 2 ounces FINISH: Blue barrels, Blue barrels, Titanium finished, roll Silver Nitrite, laser engraved receiver engraved receiver and side Elates SIGHTS: White bead Red fiber-optic front, Gold mid bead STOCK: Turkish walnut Grade 2.