white pelican

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Noun1.white pelican - large American pelicanwhite pelican - large American pelican; white with black wing feathers
pelican - large long-winged warm-water seabird having a large bill with a distensible pouch for fish
genus Pelecanus, Pelecanus - type genus of the Pelecanidae
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In addition to mammals, 217 bird species and subspecies such as Levant sparrowhawk, great white pelican, Dalmatian pelican, white-tailed eagle, lammergeyer, short-toed eagle, great bustard and little bustard can be found in Nakhchivan.
Occasionally, the American white pelican and Bald Eagle will stop here.
The white pelican, 5ft from beak to tail and with a 9ft wingspan, lived on the River Coquet at Warkworth from 1973 to 1976.
Of the 40 species, there were nine species of shorebirds, seven dabbling ducks, five diving ducks, four waders, three gulls, and two "geese" (one was light geese, which includes Snow and Ross' Geese), in addition to Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis), American Coot (Fulica americana), White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchus), Double-crested Cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus), Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus), Sandhill Crane, Caspian Tern (Hydroprogne caspia), and two species that could not be identified (one dabbling duck and one sandpiper).
Hepatitis as a result of tetratrichomoniasis has been reported in birds such as the American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos; Burns et al.
4 million for improving recreational access, $900,000 for restoration planning and $400,000 for improving white pelican breeding areas.
The park contains many outstanding natural and cultural features, including a fully-protected white pelican nesting colony, rare fescue grasslands, free-ranging plains bison and the isolated, lakeside cabin of conservation author Grey Owl.
Essay titles include, Wild Entrapment, Hello Again, Old Faithful, American White Pelican, and Song of the Yellow Bellied.
Studies describing gastric ulcers caused by Contracaecum have reported similar macroscopic lesions in the gastric mucosa of seabirds such as the white pelican (Pelecamus erythrorhynchu) and marine mammals such as the northern sea lion (Eumetopias jubata; Liu & Edward, 1971), South American sea lion (Otaria byronia; Cattan et al.
Basel Zoo in Switzerland has a great white pelican nicknamed Killer Jonny, which hunts and eats any duck (or other smaller bird) that enters the pelican area
Protected by being buried in fine-grained limestone, it includes most beak bones, plus parts of the skull and neck, and strongly resembles the modern great white pelican, Pelecanus onocrotalus.