white rice

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Noun1.white rice - having husk or outer brown layers removedwhite rice - having husk or outer brown layers removed
rice - grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished
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A kilogram of Dona Maria Jasponica White Rice would go up to P105, from the current P100, while a 25-kilogram bag of Dona Maria Jasponica White Rice would rise to P1,950, from P1,850.
Pakistan to export 65,000 tons of white rice to Indonesia
The Ministry of Commerce on Saturday said that for the first time Pakistan would be exporting white rice (non-Basmati) to Indonesia, as two Pakistani companies have secured an order of 65,000 metric tons, according to a press release issued by the ministry.
ISLAMABAD -- Two Pakistani firms have secured an order to export 65,000 tons of white rice (non-Basmati) to Indonesia, said the Ministry of Commerce on Saturday.
Usually it consists of white rice topped with meat, vegetables, a raw or cooked egg, a soy-based sauce and some chili paste all of it tossed together right before eating.
When asked how she achieved her flat stomach, she shared, 'I stopped eating wheat bread and started eating white rice.
In addition, the study found that the carbohydrate content of one bowl of rice is equivalent to more than twice of a can of soft drink and each plate of white rice eaten in a day raises the risk of diabetes by 11 percent in the overall population.
The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has finalised a deal for procurement of 10,000 tons Long Grain White Rice (Irri-6) for China.
Feeding purple rice instead of white rice and corn lowered total plasma cholesterol in fattening, though only at certain time points during fattening (Peawong et al.
Mulch application increased the brown and white rice length, brown and white rice recovery percentage.