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Called the White Stork, the new service by Snapsights provides a live feed of the newborn's first moments on connected smart phone, tablet or laptop screens.
BERLyN (CyHAN)- The bird flu virus H5N8 has been found in wild birds in Germany, local According to German media Spiegel Online, the city administration Rostock reported on Thursday that a white stork from Rostock Zoo in the northeastern German state of Mecklenburg-Western media said on Thursday.
white stork was shot on the Mediterranean island, prompting outrage
Although habitat selection was extensively studied for the central European populations of the White Stork, most of the research has focused on nest-site distribution and density, not taking into account productivity of storks breeding in different habitat patches.
It's a Mediterranean breeder that nests in forests, unlike the related White Stork that chooses rooftops and is heralded in European folklore for bringing babies.
Reduce significantly white stork (Ciconia ciconia) mortality rates due to electrocution, through the installation of protective devices on the pylons of high voltage overhead electricity transmission lines;
White stork (Ciconia ciconia) also utilises the reserve, especially at Khaur Jarama, as a migratory station away from its origin habitat during the winter season.
The white stork, which has long been depicted in children's literature and films as the deliverer of babies, is a long-necked wading bird that travels over Lebanese beaches during the months of March and April in order to mate in Europe, where families and farmers eagerly await their arrival.
First arrested on suspicion of spying, then set free only to be hunted down and cooked up--things didn't work out well for Menes the white stork.
5 tons of supplies, water, spare parts and experiment hardware for the six-person station crew, the unpiloted cargo craft, named Kounotori, the Japanese word for white stork, will embark on a six-day flight to the station.
The birds, too, were brilliant - azure and gold bee-eaters, pink hoopoes, yellow griffon vultures, huge eagles, blue rock thrushes and, standing on a pylon, a stately black and white stork.
These migrants include the White Stork, which has the helpful tendency for the observer of circling slow and low in the sky.