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Adj.1.white-flowered - (of plants) having white flowers
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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I pushed through a tangle of tall white-flowered bushes, and saw him twenty paces beyond, looking over his shoulder at me and hesitating.
He wore a blue coat in fairly clean condition, the square side-pocket flaps stuck out above his hips, and the skirts of the coats hung loose in front, so that a white-flowered waistcoat was visible.
I would love to know what it is as it is very pretty Rita O'Brien, via email Hi Rita, Yes, I think you're right - it's a white-flowered variety.
The Apple Serviceberry, Amelanchier grandiflora, is an early May, white-flowered tall native shrub that ripens its edible, black berries by early summer, making it one of the first plants to supply berries each year.
ROSES yoU are bound to find at least one white-flowered rose that is just perfect for growing on a white painted wall, so select for fragrance as well as glossy green leaves.
Other cool-season whites that make pretty companions for this kale include white-flowered forms of cyclamen, fairy primroses (Primula malacoides), Iceland poppies, snapdragons, stock, and violas.
Monrovia Nursery, which supplies crape myrtles to local retail nurseries, carries several cinnamon bark varieties, including the heavy blooming, white-flowered `Natchez,' lavender-pink `Muskogee,' and true pink `Pecos,' an excellent selection for small spaces that grows to only 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide.
We've selected the variegated foliage and pink flowers of the butterfly bush, buddleia Harlequin, the purple cistus Purpureus, the white-flowered cotoneaster decorus, the graceful white flowers of deutzia Gracilis, and the red-berried pyracantha Mohave.
White-flowered shrubs for shade are plentiful but a few favourites are Rosa Nevada, which is 6ft tall and as much across with six-inch wide, plain white rose flowers.
A: Veronica repens is a small-leafed, blue- or white-flowered ground cover recommended for planting between the cracks of stepping stones.