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Adj.1.white-lipped - having white lips from fear or terrorwhite-lipped - having white lips from fear or terror
afraid - filled with fear or apprehension; "afraid even to turn his head"; "suddenly looked afraid"; "afraid for his life"; "afraid of snakes"; "afraid to ask questions"
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Godfrey joined them immediately, unable to rest without hearing every word--trying to control himself, but conscious that if any one noticed him, they must see that he was white-lipped and trembling.
In the lake~s watershed, vast natural forests remain in such areas as designated state and city parks as well as state preserve areas, the latter home to 13 rare species including the harpy eagle and the white-lipped peccary, the even-toed ungulate that resembles a boar.
Environmentalists at Wildlife Conservation Society stumbled across the cave paintings while they were tracking white-lipped peccaries, herd-forming pig-like animals that are indicators of healthy forests.
It was that last load that I used when I took the rifle to the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula to hunt White-lipped peccary.
For example, Cepaea nemoralis land snails on Ireland's western coast and in parts of the Pyrenees share unique white-lipped shells.
2) Red-brocket Deer 3) White-lipped Peccari 4) Short-eared Dog 5) Giant Armadillo
White-lipped peccaries were completely wiped out, while jaguars, lowland tapirs, woolly spider-monkeys and giant anteaters were virtually 'extinct'.
Nine white-lipped peccaries, which are native to South America, have taken up residence at the Castle Hill site and are entertaining visitors with their antics.
Unlike in previous world title defences, Mathews looked a little bright-eyed and white-lipped when he entered the ring, while in the opposing corner Tseveenpurev had the glare of a man looking to inflict some pain.
Award 5 -- Most Innovative RFID Application Texas Instruments (vendor) received this award for its work with the World Wildlife Fund (end user) in tracking white-lipped peccaries, a type of wild pig, in the Amazon.
Set in 200 acres, it features beautiful gardens, an adventure playground and, of course, plenty of animals, including wolves, white-lipped peccaries and tapirs.