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a fungal disease infecting the combs of certain fowls


(ˈfeɪ vəs)

n., pl. fa•vus•es.
1. a skin infection characterized by itching and crusting at the hair follicles, usu. caused by the fungus Trichophyton schoenleinii.
2. Also called whitecomb. a similar infection of fowl, caused by T. megnini, often affecting the comb.
[1705–10; < New Latin; Latin favus honeycomb]
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It's larvae have a broad range of prey upon insects (Hydron and Whitecomb 1979; Reddy and Manjunatha 2000).
Whitecomb Drive, ambulance requested; patient transported to hospital.
Large number of spiders is often present in orchards as reported in other studies (Mansour and Whitecomb, 1986; Van Den Berg et al.