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 (wīt′n-ĭng, hwīt′-)
1. An agent used to make something white or whiter.
2. The act or process of making white or whiter.


(ˈʰwaɪt n ɪŋ, ˈwaɪt-)

1. a preparation for making something white.
2. the act or process of making or turning white.
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Noun1.whitening - changing to a lighter color
change of color - an act that changes the light that something reflects
bleach - the act of whitening something by bleaching it (exposing it to sunlight or using a chemical bleaching agent)
مادَّة التَّبْييض
hvítur áburîur
plavebná krieda
ağar mabeyazlaş ma



[ˈwaɪtnɪŋ] n (substance) → bianchetto


(wait) adjective
1. of the colour of the paper on which these words are printed. The bride wore a white dress.
2. having light-coloured skin, through being of European etc descent. the first white man to explore Africa.
3. abnormally pale, because of fear, illness etc. He went white with shock.
4. with milk in it. A white coffee, please.
1. the colour of the paper on which these words are printed. White and black are opposites.
2. a white-skinned person. racial trouble between blacks and whites.
3. (also ˈegg-white) the clear fluid in an egg, surrounding the yolk. This recipe tells you to separate the yolks from the whites.
4. (of an eye) the white part surrounding the pupil and iris. The whites of her eyes are bloodshot.
ˈwhiten verb
to make or become white or whiter. She used a little bleach to whiten the sheets.
ˈwhiteness noun
ˈwhitening noun
a substance used to make certain things (eg tennis shoes) white again.
ˈwhitish adjective
fairly white; close to white.
ˌwhite-ˈcollar adjective
(of workers, jobs etc) not manual; (working) in an office etc.
white elephant
a useless, unwanted possession.
white horse noun
(usually in plural) a wave that has a crest of white foam.
ˌwhite-ˈhot adjective
(of metals) so hot that they have turned white. a white-hot poker.
white lie
a not very serious lie. I'd rather tell my mother a white lie than tell her the truth and upset her.
ˈwhitewash noun
a mixture of usually lime and water, used for whitening walls.
to cover with whitewash.
ˈwhitewashed adjective
white winewine


n (dent) blanqueamiento (dental)
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Already, at the age of thirty-five, her cheeks were whitening as her mother's had whitened, but for her there would be no memories of Indian suns and Indian rivers, and clamor of children in a nursery; she would have very little of substance to think about when she sat, as Lady Otway now sat, knitting white wool, with her eyes fixed almost perpetually upon the same embroidered bird upon the same fire-screen.
His cheeks were shaved, and his whitening beard and moustache were worn somewhat after the fashion of Charles Dickens.
You behold another phase of his passion, a fury bejewelled with stars, mayhap bearing the crescent of the moon on its brow, shaking the last vestiges of its torn cloud-mantle in inky-black squalls, with hail and sleet descending like showers of crystals and pearls, bounding off the spars, drumming on the sails, pattering on the oilskin coats, whitening the decks of homeward-bound ships.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 14, 2018-Ranir granted patent rights to P&G tooth whitening strip
REMBRANDT[R], announces new 1 Week Whitening Kit and 3 Day Whitening Boost Kit that provide visibly whiter smiles from the comfort of home.
Believe it or not, skin whitening has been around since ancient times, contrary to beliefs that this trend started in modern society, wherein certain people have an obsession of having a fairer complexion.
Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skincare Center brings the premium whitening fusion, a combination of two powerful brands for fast and effective whitening.
A bright healthy smile can make a huge difference to your confidence, not just at Christmas but all year round, so it's not surprising that one of the most effective and popular options to brighten your smile is tooth whitening.
Crest has expanded its 3D White product range with the new Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy collection, two toothpastes said to brighten teeth from day one and repair weakened enamel.
Stress whitening is one type of discoloration that can occur, particularly in certain plastics, such as polypropylene--one area of focus for Americhem, particularly in automotive.
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com)-- Dakota Dental has announced a summer teeth whitening special for $199.