whitewall tire

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white·wall tire

(wīt′wôl′, hwīt′-)
A vehicular tire having a white sidewall.
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Here are some products to try: Simple Green, any oxygen bleach, whitewall tire cleaner, AlumKlean by WSI, or a mixture of 1/3 cup of a strong household detergent and 2/3 cup of TSP cleaner.
Products that fall into the exterior segment include presoaks, wash soaps, wash and wax, whitewall tire cleaners, engine cleaners/degreasers, windshield washers and windshield care products, drying aids, foaming drying aids, car polishes and tire dressing.
Martin was the first manufactured six-inch whitewall tire, sometimes called the `gangster whitewall' tire.
In 1955, it was all too easy to up your time payments by tacking on a few ritzy extras such as whitewall tires, fender skirts, AM radio, tinted windows, automatic transmission or power windows.
I liked the looks of the narrow whitewall tires that were on the truck when I bought it, but they were way too rotten to drive on.
The new inline-four makes 78 hp on gasoline and 80 hp on pure ethanol and puts the power to the rear wheels wrapped in whitewall tires through a four-speed manual transmission.
It includes the same premium standard features as the Indian Chief Classic, and sports the same iconic design elements like valanced fenders, laced wheels, whitewall tires, tank-mounted instrument cluster and extensive chrome finishes throughout.
One even took on an upscale look, with wire wheels, whitewall tires, and a chrome instrument panel.
the engine, whitewall tires, no padding on the dashboard, the car I
They have all manner of decorated buses, wild colors, whitewall tires, fully reclining seats.
With its polished chrome, whitewall tires and gleaming black-and-white paint job, the classically restored 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air drew lots of attention.