whittle down

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Verb1.whittle down - cut away in small pieces
damage - inflict damage upon; "The snow damaged the roof"; "She damaged the car when she hit the tree"

w>whittle down

vt sep
piece of woodherunterschneiden; to whittle down to sizezurechtschneiden, zurechtstutzen
(= reduce)kürzen, reduzieren, stutzen (→ to auf +acc); gap, differenceverringern
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The TV judges arrived at London's Emirates Stadium with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to whittle down the entries for the ITV show.
32, who will help her whittle down the contenders in the Boys category
2 : to reduce little by little <They are trying to whittle down their spending.
Today is the start of a process that will see Ford whittle down bidders for what will probably be a final auction for the luxury marques.
We have found some hidden gems and have managed to whittle down entries down to the final 10.
Zwierschke says the company's primary focus is not so much to whittle down the landfill's piles of old trash, but to feed off the new waste stream.