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Noun1.whizbang - a small high-velocity shell; it makes a whizzing sound followed by a bang when it hits
shell - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
2.whizbang - a firecracker that (like the whizbang shell) makes a whizzing sound followed by a loud explosionwhizbang - a firecracker that (like the whizbang shell) makes a whizzing sound followed by a loud explosion
firecracker, banger, cracker - firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing
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Rather than requiring whizbang pyrotechnics, Van Noten's intricately orchestrated presentations are known for being sincere, subtle, and audience-minded.
Not for all the whizbang mechanical gadgets--spinning wing decoys haven't been deployed on hunts I'm in charge of for close to 10 years--but I do love a good-looking, well made decoy.
com/Stats, where there are some whizbang things such as player tracking, which uses six cameras perched amid the rafters of every arena to track the movements of every player on the court (not including that guy at the end of the bench who jumps up and down waving a towel but never actually plays).
Other mechanized plucker options include the Whizbang Chicken Plucker (http://bit.
Today, with multiple major telecoms in the state, "if your competitor comes up with something newer, faster, something more whizbang, you're going to have to upgrade.
Slick design elements and whizbang features built in a nonfunctional environment are designed to dazzle and perhaps mislead you.
Yet, we keep looking for that next whizbang way to ramp up revenues by reaching out to new contacts.
While there are flashes of the whizbang energy, cutting humor, and eye for damning detail that animated classic works like Bonfire, this fun but seriously flawed novel is hardly Wolfe in full.
The risk of letting a shiny whizbang feature take the spotlight at the expense of something mundane but critical such as permissions is real, and this can have serious costs over time.
The latest and greatest products and services, often packing a lot of whizbang and carrying high sticker prices, aren't always the best ways of addressing the problem.
Politico put together a whizbang gallery for my cartoons that has lots of handy share tools that make spreading the cartoons much easier.