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who's who

(Journalism & Publishing) a book or list containing the names and short biographies of famous people

who's′ who′

1. a reference work containing short biographical entries on the outstanding persons in a country, industry, profession, etc.: a who's who in science.
2. the outstanding or influential persons in a community, industry, profession, or other group.
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who's who

or Who's Who

Who's Who

nchi è m inv
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It is an expensive, glamorous party to which many of Windhoek's business who's whos come, not only to enjoy the ball, but to see who will eventually receive the very prestigious award.
The final group is more a collection of Who's That rather than Who's Whos.
In reeling off their Who's Whos of Newcastle United Football Club, the pair outlined the people who must now ultimately judge their fitness to represent the club in future.