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or who·dun·nit  (ho͞o-dŭn′ĭt)
n. Informal
A story dealing with a crime and its solution; a detective story.

[Alteration of who done it?]


(huːˈdʌnɪt) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) informal a novel, play, etc, concerned with a crime, usually murder
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Susan, 43, from Glasgow, takes three amateur sleuths to the fictional town of Mortcliff to solve a deadly crime and she has to channel her inner Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot because she has no idea whodunnit.
Jo Street, entertainment and daytime commissioning editor, said: "Susan's mischievous sense of humour and background as a lawyer gives her means, motive and opportunity to be the perfect host for this dramatic new whodunnit show.
But the next morning he's found with his throat cut, extremely dead, and each of the people there knows it was 'One Of Us' whodunnit.
Tony Boncza, Oliver Gully and Anna Andresen, on stage in veteran whodunnit, the Mousetrap Pictures: LIZA MARIA DAWSON
Saturday Night Takeaway ITV, 7pm ENTERTAINMENT Ant and Dec return for another night of family fun, with celebrities, adrenaline-fuelled stunts, Win the Ads and another instalment of their whodunnit, Who Shot Simon Cowell?
All I can say is that if you like a real life whodunnit, if the weirdness of the American justice system allowing everything to be filmed intrigues you, and if you need a 10-hour distraction, tune in.
And this juicy whodunnit is jam-packed with famous faces - including Charles Dance, Sam Neill, Anna Maxwell Martin and Miranda Richardson.
PS5,000 sapphire and diamond neck-neck lace and matching earrings for the winning -er chapter in the whodunnit saga is about to be written as -ner has decided to part with her Now another chapter in the whodunnit saga is about to be written as the original winner has decided to part with her prize.
Brendan O'Carroll's family tree research turns into a whodunnit | Brendan O'Carroll's family tree research turns into a whodunnit
When a theatre director discovers his wife is murdered during a rehearsal for his latest murder mystery, the race is on to discover whodunnit.
Monkswell Manor is a fusty old house with wood panelling and back stairs and all those trappings that make for a good old whodunnit.
After teasing us with what felt like a real murder mystery, the last episode seemed to take forever before we finally learned whodunnit - and it turned out we'd already guessed whodunnit after all.