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 (wûrt′l-bĕr′ē, hwûrt′-)
1. Any of various deciduous shrubs of the genus Vaccinium of the heath family having edible blue, black, or red berries, especially the bilberry.
2. The fruit of any of these plants.

[Dialectal variant of hurtleberry, from Middle English hurtilbery, ultimately from Old English *horte, whortleberry (attested in pl. hortan).]


(ˈwɜːtəlˌbɛrɪ) or


n, pl -ries
1. (Plants) Also called : huckleberry, hurt (dialect) or whort a small Eurasian ericaceous shrub, Vaccinium myrtillus, greenish-pink flowers and edible sweet blackish berries
2. (Cookery) the fruit of this shrub
3. (Plants) bog whortleberry a related plant, V. uliginosum, of mountain regions, having pink flowers and black fruits
[C16: southwestern English dialect form of hurtleberry; of unknown origin]


(ˈbɪlˌbɛr i, -bə ri)

n., pl. -ries.
1. a low-growing blueberry shrub, Vaccinium myrtillus, common on heaths of Great Britain and N Europe.
2. its blue-black berry.
Also called whortleberry.
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Noun1.whortleberry - erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berrieswhortleberry - erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries
European blueberry, whortleberry, bilberry - blue-black berries similar to American blueberries
blueberry, blueberry bush - any of numerous shrubs of the genus Vaccinium bearing blueberries
2.whortleberry - blue-black berries similar to American blueberrieswhortleberry - blue-black berries similar to American blueberries
berry - any of numerous small and pulpy edible fruits; used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves
bilberry, blaeberry, Viccinium myrtillus, whinberry, whortleberry - erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries


[ˈwɜːtlˌbərɪ] Narándano m


nHeidelbeere f, → Blaubeere f (dial)
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5 mg/ day) 5 25-65 Quercetin/day from fruits and vegetable sources (150 mg) 6 35-51 Anthocyanins from fruits and vegetable sources (640 mg/ day) 7 20-60 One 350 mg whortleberry extract capsule every 8 hours 8 [greater than or 45 [+ or -] 2 mg of equal to]18 anthocyanin from Vaccinium arctostaphylos L.
Joan and Randy Walker, owners of the Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill in New Braintree, have attended planning meetings, filled out the questionnaire, and are among those who would benefit from CMRPC findings.
These foods include blueberries, bilberry, whortleberry, lingonberry, cowberry, and huckleberry.
Foraging by moose (Alces alces) reduced cover of whortleberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), which lowered soil moisture and altered composition of carabid beetle communities (Melis et al.
sedges, excluding elk sedge Shrubs AMAL Amelanchier Serviceberry Palatable alnifolia PHMA Physocarpus Ninebark Low malvaceus RICE Ribes cereum Straw current Low VAME Vaccinium Big huckleberry Palatable membranaceum VASC Vaccinium scoparium Grouse whortleberry Unpalatable
Of course, closely related to the American huckleberry is our own whortleberry (blueberry, blaeberry, bilberry), all splendid words in their own way.
Somerset Cottage pounds 495 With games room, indoor swimming pool & tennis court Triscombe Farm Whortleberry near Minehead in Somerset is the perfect Easter rental for up to six people.
Moreover, in his somewhat uneven and largely unexciting innings at stud, Starborough (who died in December 2006) was previously best represented by a pair of full siblings, Whortleberry and Appel Au Maitre, who both won Pattern events at 1m4f.
Quercetin was found in all the berries such as bog whortleberry (158 mg/kg fresh weight), lingon berry (74 and 146 mg/kg), cranberry (83 and 121 mg/kg), chokeberry (89 mg/kg), sweet rowan (85 mg/kg), rowanberry (63 mg/kg), sea buckthorn berry (62 mg/kg) and crowberry (53 and 56 mg/kg) (80).