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 (wŭmp; hwŭmp)
A thump; a thud.
v. whumped, whump·ing, whumps
To make a thumping or thudding sound.
To hit or strike with such a sound.



informal a dull thud
[C19: of imitative origin]



1. a blow or knock with a heavy object, producing a dull sound.
2. the sound made by or as if by such a blow.
3. to strike or beat with a heavy object, so as to produce a dull sound; pound.
4. (of an object) to strike against (something) heavily and noisily.
5. to thrash severely.
6. to strike or fall heavily, with a dull sound.
7. to palpitate or beat violently, as the heart.
[1530–40; imitative]
thump′er, n.
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Then, whump, as we bottom out, and climb back up to the cloud ceiling.
Suddenly a friend phoned to say they were packing up and I looked again and it just went up - whump.
Just then, the Malian butcher raised his ax and brought it down with a whump to hack off a hunk of beef.
I thrill to the skirl of the bagpipes and the whump, whump, whump of the big bass drums.
The regular whump of rotating helicopter blades segued into the sound of an old car engine idling, before evolving into a burst of static resembling a poorly tuned radio.
The glimpse of bright yellow fusilage and the whump of the rotorblades above the clouds or the waves has signalled life again for many a sailor and climber in peril.