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Furniture or other work made of wicker.


a. a material consisting of wicker
b. (as modifier): a wickerwork chair.


(ˈwɪk ərˌwɜrk)

material or products consisting of plaited or woven twigs or osiers; articles made of wicker.
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Noun1.wickerwork - work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)wickerwork - work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)
piece of work, work - a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing; "it is not regarded as one of his more memorable works"; "the symphony was hailed as an ingenious work"; "he was indebted to the pioneering work of John Dewey"; "the work of an active imagination"; "erosion is the work of wind or water over time"
عيدان خَيْزَران مَجْدولَه
fonott áru
tágavinna, körfugerî
košikársky tovar
sepet işi eşya


A. N
1. (= objects) → artículos mpl de mimbre
2. [of chair etc] → rejilla f
3. (= craft) → cestería f
B. CPDde mimbre


[ˈwɪkərwɜːrk] nvannerie f


[ˈwɪkəˌwɜːk] noggetti mpl di vimini


(ˈwikə) adjective
(of eg a chair or basket) made of twigs, rushes etc woven together.
ˈwickerwork noun
articles made in this way.
References in classic literature ?
The inner place he partitioned off with the same wickerwork, but much fairer, and divided into six apartments, so that he had six rooms on a floor, and out of every one of these there was a door: first into the entry, or coming into the main tent, another door into the main tent, and another door into the space or walk that was round it; so that walk was also divided into six equal parts, which served not only for a retreat, but to store up any necessaries which the family had occasion for.
has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Huangshan Arts Association (the "Association"), a 200-member association that promotes the appreciation and understanding of traditional Hui culture artworks, including carvings, lacquerware, wickerwork, and the Wan'an compass.
Lloyd Loom was the creation of Marshall Burns Lloyd, who patented his wickerwork designs in 1917.
Natural wickerwork storage is gaining popularity as a fashion trend," said Connie Bowman, the company's vice president of product development.
Country crafts, including hedge laying, thatching, chainsaw sculpture, wickerwork and coracle making.
Scraps of corrugated cardboard, wickerwork, twigs, and other found objects, all coated in light-absorbing black paint, served as additional compositional elements that both abstracted and bridged the richly textured world of the photos and the matte black space of sculpture.
They had thought it was just a wickerwork chair but when they lifted up its cushion to see how much re-upholstering it needed when they saw the plastic chamber pot underneath.
Zaragoza sat in a wickerwork chair covered by a wool blanket Genaro
The Les Copains lounge chair by Bruhl is made from a hot-dip galvanized frame and robinia top rail wrapped with wickerwork strings.
A makeshift wickerwork crucifix hangs over the entrance.
It will run for a month and showcase jewellery, wickerwork, pottery, tattoos and henna painting, among other things.
Transmission has been guaranteed by many symbols that can be found in weaving (the exclusive province of Berber women), jewelry, wickerwork, pottery, tattoos, and henna body painting.