wide receiver

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wide receiver

n. Abbr. WR Football
A receiver who normally lines up at least several yards to the side of the offensive formation. Also called wideout.

wide receiver



(American Football) American football a player whose function is to catch long passes from the quarterback

wide′ receiv′er

an offensive player in football, as a split end, who lines up wide of the formation and is used primarily as a pass receiver.
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The Bears have added former NFL wide receiver and safety Mike Furrey as their wide receivers coach.
Last week, Arizona Cardinals rookie wide receiver Robert Gill set the Internet ablaze after posting a video in which he (http://www.
Quarterback Carson Palmer (elbow) and full back Jeremi Johnson (knee) are out, while wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh (hand), running back Kenny Watson (hamstring) and tight end Ben Utecht (foot) are rated questionable.
Other players visiting VA medical centers in their respective cities included Baltimore Ravens fullback Justin Green, Chicago Bears wide receiver Rashied Davis and defensive end Copeland Bryan, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Joey Galloway, defensive end Dewayne White, guard Sean Mahan and center John Wade.
Another player who made an impact was freshman wide receiver Jamere Holland from Taft High of Woodland Hills, who redshirted because of a broken collarbone.
Felix Vazquez is a New York City Housing Authority supervisor, but he recently made a catch infinitely more precious than any made by Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress or Jets wide receiver Laveranues Coles.
The wide receiver (X or Z) on the play side runs a "J" route; three steps down the field, then back toward the Q.
Wide receiver Michael Jenkins (quadricep) is the main concern and he will be a game-time decision.
Wide receiver Patrick Turner will return punts in his place, with wide receiver Travon Patterson his backup.
Louis Rams and fantasy football owners were dealt a devastating blow Thursday night when wide receiver Danny Amendola left the game with a collarbone injury.