widow's mite

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wid·ow's mite

A small contribution made by one who has little.

[From the widow who gave two small coins to the Temple treasury in Mark 12:43.]

widow's mite

a small contribution given by a person who has very little
[allusion to Mark 12:43]
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To escape the vats I would stop at nothing steal the widow's mite, the orphan's crust, and pennies from a dead man's eyes.
Gusher spoke for an hour and a half on the subject to a meeting, including two charity schools of small boys and girls, who were specially reminded of the widow's mite, and requested to come forward with halfpence and be acceptable sacrifices, I think the wind was in the east for three whole weeks.
From out of that whirlwind spin the faux-populists of the Beltway Right: placeless mountebanks banking the widow's mite in Occupied Northern Virginia.
Add our widow's mite of bombs to the mountain that is already waiting to be dropped (or not, as the case may be)?
The widow's mite hits home for many, yes, because of her generosity, her magnanimity in giving back from her core, out of her poverty, but more so because of how it jolts us into realizing how far we are from her and how much closer we are in the spectrum to the rich people who gave a lot.
The Widow's mite accompanied by intentional prayer can make a huge difference
Contrary to popular principles, Jesus praised the awe-inspiring value of the widow's mite, taught that a truly strong person can turn the other cheek, and warned his disciples to avoid being impressed by fancy religious garb and titles.
Money came from all over the world including a cheque for PS100 from New York and, echoes of the Widow's Mite, a postal order for sixpence from "An OAP, Yorkshire".
What makes me hopping mad is that while Mrs Stanton is refused a comparative widow's mite, well-heeled pregnant African women fly into Britain, stay with friends until they go into labour, then present themselves as emergencies - and, of course, no doctor or midwife will turn away a woman in extremis.
In my book, the widow's mite trumps Evans' conspicuous donors every time - and the same goes to all of you out with the collecting buckets this cold morning.
Jesus showed this rule in various stories and parables: feeding the 5,000, the woman brought before him accused of adultery, the rich man and Lazarus, the parable of the lost son, the servant's wages, his grief over his friend Lazarus, his praise for the widow's mite, washing his disciples feet, his healing of the soldier's ear in Gethsemane, his kindness to the malefactor executed by his side, and so on.