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 (wĭdth′wīz′, wĭth′-, wĭtth-)
From side to side; in terms of width.


(ˈwɪdθˌwaɪz) or


in the direction of the width; from side to side
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Ruling: 1 One Point Ruling To Be Done Widthwise 21 Cms .
The inner tread layer increases in thickness across at least a widthwise portion of the outer tread layer with a maximum thickness of one of the inner tread layer and the outer tread layer occurring near at least one of a first shoulder and a second shoulder of the tread.
Ask an adult to help you cut the toilet paper roll in half widthwise.
Cut each wiener in half widthwise to create 6 mini wieners.
Thread count refers to how many threads - lengthwise and widthwise - that are woven into one square inch of fabric.
Additionally, Best Buy has included a photo gallery of the new Nexus 7, which comes in black, features a wide bezel and on screen buttons situated widthwise.
For the continuous array the number of panels lengthwise is simply the rooftop length divided by the panel length and the number of panels widthwise (called depth in the formulas) is the rooftop width divided by the width of the panel multiplied by the cosine of the angle of tilt ([beta]).
There's loads of space in the front - particularly widthwise - and the rearseat passengers are well looked-after.
Thinly slice one tail widthwise into about fifteen slices.
The alternative manner of making the two-panel mouthband is to start with a wide single panel looped widthwise, which then is split into two narrow, separately worked panels which form either side of the mouthband.
Under the applied load, the plain knitted fabric has less elongation in the walewise direction than in the coursewise direction due to the widthwise jamming occurring sooner than the coursewise jamming [20].