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tr.v. wield·ed, wield·ing, wields
1. To handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease.
2. To exercise (authority or influence, for example) effectively. See Synonyms at handle.

[Middle English welden, from Old English wealdan, to rule, and wieldan, to govern; see wal- in Indo-European roots.]

wield′a·ble adj.
wield′er n.
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Tenders are invited for Execution of signalling works in connection with renewal of switch and crossing with thick web switches and wieldable cms crossing 27 set points and crossing in kmi to durg sections.
He is most astounded that the technological secret behind this underground superculture rests in their use of a powerful substance, the "all-permeating fluid" (53) called Vril, which works like a wieldable magnetic force that can easily manipulate biological and environmental realities.
Postmodern organizational analysis is, therefore, concerned with local patterns of orchestration in which the affairs of the world are made more pliable, wieldable and hence more amenable to human intervention and control.