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n. pl. wives (wīvz)
A woman joined to another person in marriage; a female spouse.

[Middle English wif, woman, wife, from Old English wīf.]

wife′hood′ n.
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Everything seemed hallowed to her: this was to be the home of her wifehood, and she looked up with eyes full of confidence to Mr.
Nor did Anne wish it otherwise; the little room was sacred to youth and girlhood--to the past that was to close today before the chapter of wifehood opened.
The first issue in the women's fight for freedom is that of wifehood and women's domestic labour.
She was ideally dedicated to the defining roles of wifehood and motherhood and, at the same time, assimilating the autonomous and assertive qualities that are sometimes associated with her daughter, Zaynab (in the latter regard, Fatimah is particularly noted for her tragic leadership in the brief interval between her father's passing away and her own, during which, both her husband's right to Caliphate, and her own inheritance-the garden of Fadak-were forcefully taken away).
Still, both Hermione and the Duchess are figures of female royalty caught between competing narratives of femininity--one associated with the sin and contamination, the other associated with sacredness and martyrdom, along with its own particular subversiveness--complicating the Protestant equation of female spirituality with wifehood and motherhood.
Typical symptoms include socialization to strongly identify with Eurasians and/or their culture, the internalization or acceptance of this socialization, excessive tension and discomfort with racial matters generally and matters African particularly, avoidance of sunlight, avoiding or minimizing social contact with ADP, and disaffection with natural sexual roles a la the creation mythos including wifehood, husbandry, and parenting (as ideas or in actuality).
I, then, am distracted by remembering how our Islamist rulers view women's roles as limited to submissive wifehood.
Choto later shows where he thinks women belong when he makes Tsitsi express her longing for a settled life of marriage, love, wifehood and motherhood.
Essentialism confronted': Rejection of wifehood and motherhood
Quote from the day: "Meek wifehood is no part of my profession; I am your friend, but never your possession" - Vera Brittain, author.
As soon as Giovanna's husband Antonio appears on screen she immediately begins juggling the many demands of traditional motherhood and wifehood, tending to their crying child with one hand and pouring espresso for her spouse with the other.
Emma, Harriet, and Jane's nuptials mark a shift of their attentions to the domestic duties of wifehood, and likewise, signal to the reader a "gradual, natural" transition back to his or her own ordinary life.