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adj. wif·ti·er, wif·ti·est Slang
Impractical, flighty, or unfocused: "Hybrid and electric cars ... are no longer the wifty dreams of environmentalists" (Jennifer Moroz).

[Origin unknown.]


adj, -tier or -tiest
censorious scatterbrained or dizzy
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photo, down to the wifty cravat that keeps bobbing on his Adam's apple as he launches the typical nightly barrage of mayhem, extortion, abuse, adultery, abortion, rape, and the myriad violations of the public trust.
Spirituality" is an elusive word with a variety of definitions some compelling, some wifty, some downright dangerous.
It made no apologies for my conviction that Ira was guilty as sin and had duped far too many true believers and wifty apologists," he said.
Not that I don't like McLachlan, I just think carbon copies of The Wifty One are getting rather redundant.