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1. One who is engaged in speculative mining or well drilling in areas not known to be productive.
2. A promoter of speculative or fraudulent business enterprises.
3. A worker who participates in a wildcat strike.


(Mining & Quarrying) informal US and Canadian a prospector for oil or ores in areas having no proved resources


(ˈwaɪldˌkæt ər)

1. an oil prospector.
2. a person who promotes risky or unsound business ventures.
3. a person who participates in a wildcat strike.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.wildcatter - an oilman who drills exploratory wells in territory not known to be an oil field
oilman - a person who owns or operates oil wells
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Gibbs achieved a variety of results which have been later attributed to better-known wildcatters.
Marti introduces readers to a wide range of characters in her life: from sleazy authority figures, wannabe Sixties musicians and crazed Corn Belt cult leaders, to Texas oil billionaires and wildcatters, to wild-eyed redneck coworkers who robbed banks on their lunch hour--in the company truck.
O'Reilly: We're good at being wildcatters.
In relation with the closing of the deal, Crescent Hill Capital's investment in Pilgrim Petroleum PLC represents a new tack by private equity companies backing modern and experience wildcatters to slowly build portfolios of mineral rights.
ExxonMobil's announcement in May 2015 that it had discovered an estimated 700 hundred million barrels of oil offshore Guyana, launched a tide of interest from oil majors, wildcatters and service companies, all of whom descended on Georgetown, says Eric Wheeler, Associate at The Risk Advisory Group.
a Houston-based medical device company developing a brain oxygenation monitoring system, today announced that the company was accepted to the 2015 class of Health Wildcatters, a leading healthcare startup accelerator program located in Dallas.
The company was selected as a sponsored health-technology startup by Health WildCatters, which invests in healthcare industry tech firms in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.
Hixon considers The Frackers: the Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters by Gregory Zuckerman.
While we had his attention, we asked about the M16 extractors we heard he was adding to the bolts for wildcatters like us that were bending the original.
The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters, the second book by Wall Street Journal reporter Gregory Zuckerman, tells the story of the development, over the past several decades, of the amazing technology by which oil and gas have been made to flow from previously unyielding stone, in quantities tallied in the hundreds of billions of barrels and trillions of cubic feet.
Those who live by the drill bit can also die with the drill bit, as ghosts of failed wildcatters from West Texas (Swindle top) to Russia's Yamal Nenets permafrost can attest.
Far from the limelight, Aubrey McClendon, Harold Hamm, Mark Papa, and other wildcatters were determined to tap massive deposits of oil and gas that Exxon, Chevron, and other giants had dismissed as a waste of time.