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wil·der 1

v. wil·dered, wil·der·ing, wil·ders Archaic
1. To lead astray; mislead.
2. To bewilder; perplex.
1. To lose one's way.
2. To become bewildered.

[Perhaps Middle English *wildren, blend of wilden, to be wild (from wilde, wild; see wild) and wanderen, to wander; see wander.]

wil′der·ment n.

wild·er 2

Comparative of wild.
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He continues to seem somewhat surprised by the success that is currently knocking at his door - a long section in his show dealt with his be wilderment concerning the twists and turns his life has taken since he decided to do an open micspot at a Manchester comedy club (admittedly because it was free to get in if he per formed).
Fonagy, like the family, imparts no interest in the boy's fantasies, even as rudimentary starting points and baseline for developing a Holocaust consciousness that has been denied him in the be wilderment of traumatized elders.