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wilt 1

v. wilt·ed, wilt·ing, wilts
1. To become limp or flaccid; droop: plants wilting in the heat.
2. To feel or exhibit the effects of fatigue or exhaustion; weaken markedly: "His brain wilted from hitherto unprecedented weariness" (Vladimir Nabokov).
1. To cause to droop or lose freshness: The heat wilted the flowers.
2. To deprive of energy or vigor; fatigue or exhaust: Worry wilted the parents.
1. The action of wilting or the state of being wilted.
2. Any of various plant diseases characterized by slow or rapid collapse of terminal shoots, branches, or entire plants.

[Possibly alteration of dialectal welk, from Middle English welken.]

wilt 2

aux.v. Archaic
A second person singular present tense of will2.
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Noun1.wilting - causing to become limp or droopingwilting - causing to become limp or drooping  
weakening - the act of reducing the strength of something
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While the train flashed through never-ending miles of ripe wheat, by country towns and bright-flowered pastures and oak groves wilting in the sun, we sat in the observation car, where the woodwork was hot to the touch and red dust lay deep over everything.
Hayward had altered a little in appearance: his fine hair was thinner, and with the rapid wilting of the very fair, he was becoming wizened and colourless; his blue eyes were paler than they had been, and there was a muzziness about his features.
Her revolt faded away, her spirit wilting down into her tired flesh.
he shouted his loudest and most belligerent, as he ruffled like a bravo at the gutter-cat beneath him, so that he sent her crouching, with startlement, lower to the floor, her ears wilting rigidly flat and down, her tail lashing, her head turning about the room so that her eyes might penetrate its obscurest corners in quest of the human whose voice had so cried out.
He felt himself wilting under the lightly laid hand.
I felt a wilting sensation, a sinking at the heart, and, I might just as well say, a giddiness.
2 = moderate or severe yellowing of leaves with or without wilting, stunting, severe rot on taproot and secondary roots, crown rot with or without hypocotyls rot, and vascular discoloration in the stem,
We do not review the entire literature on plant wilting but only those works that are relevant to the discussion and conclusions in this paper.
Here we document cases of avocado trees observed wilting throughout Florida and the ambrosia beetles that have emerged from wood samples from those trees.
However, some strains invade the water-conducting tissue (xylem) and restrict the flow of water and cause wilting.
If leaves drop without wilting, it's likely that your plant has been put in hot or cold draughts, or hasn't enough light.
We don't have the conveyance capacity to move all this to the treatment plant, so we tend to spill into the inlet," explains Wilting.