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 (wĭmp) Slang
A timid or unadventurous person: "the impression that he is a colorless, indecisive wimp, and not a leader among men" (James J. Kilpatrick).
intr.v. wimped, wimp·ing, wimps
To be timid or cowardly. Usually used with out: wimped out and refused to jump off the high diving board.

[Perhaps from whimper.]

wimp′ish adj.
wimp′y adj.


Any of various hypothetical subatomic particles that interact with matter through gravity and the weak force and that are sometimes postulated to constitute a galaxy's missing mass.

[w(eakly) i(nteracting) m(assive) p(article).]
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Adj.1.wimpish - weak and ineffectual
forceless, unforceful - lacking force; feeble; "a forceless argument"


[ˈwɪmpɪʃ] ADJ [behaviour] → ñoño; [person] (physically) → debilucho; (in character) → parado


[ˈwɪmpɪʃ] adjfroussard(e)


adj (inf)weichlich, schlapp (inf)
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Which, of course, requires a wimpish camper who ballses up all the trials.
HE WAS one of the best-loved stars of the Carry On films, bringing laughter to millions with his wimpish characters and cheeky innuendo.
Besides, when we were in school it was a slightly wimpish teacher's pet kind of thing to get 77 marks in anything.
It's Ed (a good line in flying spittle as he pronounces) who's refusing - along the wimpish "I won't share a platform with that man and to hell with the electorate" line.
Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman denies dressing room 'outburst' following Hull City embarrassment Look, stop thinking short term, get a grip all of you negative voters, the club will be there long after the current regime has gone along with the playing staff, we will be there too, how can you be so wimpish, this is our greatest hour, show the world what we are made of, be strong, determined and even try and blow the ball over their goal line if that's what it takes stop voting against your club.
I would like to think, in fact, that it might nip in the bud any wimpish lurch toward vegetarianism.
At launch 29bhp was claimed and this rose to a still very wimpish 31bhp for a later upmarket version.
Rosalind's wimpish brother is a permanent disappointment to David's new-found machismo.
I expect the ground to be on the easy side, not heavy, and I think it would be wimpish not to run.
When the saddle starts to slip and wobble underneath you, ideally you'd look after the horse and pull up, but he was going so well and it's a long trip up there for Julian, so for me to pull the horse up in those circumstances would have been a bit wimpish.
I bought a power hose last year and all of a sudden, cleaning the decking is not such a wimpish job.
Melbourne, June 22 (ANI): The human bite is stronger than that of a typical ape, proving that our skull is quite strong despite its wimpish appearance, according to a new Australian research.