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 (wĭmp) Slang
A timid or unadventurous person: "the impression that he is a colorless, indecisive wimp, and not a leader among men" (James J. Kilpatrick).
intr.v. wimped, wimp·ing, wimps
To be timid or cowardly. Usually used with out: wimped out and refused to jump off the high diving board.

[Perhaps from whimper.]

wimp′ish adj.
wimp′y adj.


Any of various hypothetical subatomic particles that interact with matter through gravity and the weak force and that are sometimes postulated to constitute a galaxy's missing mass.

[w(eakly) i(nteracting) m(assive) p(article).]
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Adj.1.wimpy - weak and ineffectual
forceless, unforceful - lacking force; feeble; "a forceless argument"


[ˈwɪmpi] adjfroussard(e)
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