wind around

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w>wind around

vt sep +prep objwickeln um; wind it once/twice around the postwinde or wickele es einmal/zweimal um den Pfosten; to wind one’s arms around somebodyseine Arme um jdn schlingen or winden (geh); to wind itself around somethingsich um etw schlingen
vi (road)sich winden
vi +prep obj (road)sich schlängeln durch; (procession)sich winden durch
References in classic literature ?
Having thus spoken, D'Artagnan cleared the ditch by the roadside and crossed the plain so as to wind around the village.
28 (ONA) Latest weather charts indicate that the tropical cyclone (NILOFAR) over central Arabian Sea is still persisting and its surface wind around the storm estimated to be between 85 to 95 knots, the cyclone centre is about 510 km from Oman South-East coasts.
The day will be cloudy with a high near 30 and a northwest wind around 8 mph.
Perhaps the effigy now gathering dust beside the deserted Ricoh Arena will remind football supporters country wide, that Mr Hill was the driving force behind managers, players and agents' greed, which has since pushed admission prices, to watch 22 grown men kicking a bag of wind around for an average of four minutes apiece per match, beyond their means.
It looks like there will be a lot of wind around Cape Finisterre off the north-west corner of Spain," said Foxall, just before the fleet left Lisbon.
Due to their nature, it's impossible to predict exactly where but we could see particularly heavy downpours in some areas with strong gusts of wind around the south and south west coastline.
In the run-up to Global Wind Day on 15 June - the annual day promoting the power of the wind around the world - photographers are invited to let their imaginations take the lead and show wind energy technology in a new way, in line with the competition title, "Wind in Mind".
What is the term given to the circulation of wind around an area of high pressure?
The colourful show joined millions of pinwheels spinning in the wind around the world -in the United States, Great Britain, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia; pinwheels all over the world.
The day started mild with an east/southeasterly wind around 12 knots.
But poor Bono got a touch of stage fright and ended up breaking wind around the girls all afternoon - and sending them running for cover.
Air conditioned mini-buses full of tourists wind around the narrow streets of Makiki, and breeze past the school Obama attended and the apartment building where his grandparents raised him.