wind back

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w>wind back

vt sep film, tapezurückspulen
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It may sound like hard work but it's literally a walk in the park, writes WARREN MANGER YOU might think you haven't time to get fit and healthy, but just 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as a brisk walk, is enough to start shedding those extra pounds and wind back your body clock.
But watch this spacebet the Queen will soon wind back on official duties.
Bullied by ideological Tories who get out of bed every morning to wind back the clock to a bygone age when this nation was an imperial power, doubts are growing about her ability to do what is best for our future interests.
His self-directed clip features footage that brings a visual to his lyrical "celebrate life" message: "'You, You Make Me Feel' is a song that celebrates the person, place or thing that breathes new life back into us; that puts the wind back into our sails; that makes us feel again when were numbed by the world.
Adopt principles-based prohibitions; have clear and effective civil remedies; wind back criminal offence provisions.
A search under "mileage adjusters" can wind back a vehicle's millage on request.
I suppose Ken will have to wind back if 7/7 was not terrorism but caused by the Iraq invasion.
On 5 August 2015 the Baird state government introduced a Bill to parliament to wind back some of the more draconian aspects of their own 2012 workers compensation laws.
HAVING started to disassemble the welfare state in the Budget, the Tories are now trying to wind back Britain to the days of the poorhouse.
THE HEALTHY ECOSYSTEM TEAM is turning its attention to large-scale challenges facing our natural environment, such as the wind back of national environment protection laws and the escalating species extinction crisis.
jobs data fed expectations that the country's central bank could soon wind back stimulus.
economic recovery are expected to encourage the Fed to leave its ultra-loose policy unchanged, but concern it may hint at when it will wind back its bond buying is making all markets skittish.