wind energy facility

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Noun1.wind energy facility - a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricitywind energy facility - a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricity
power plant, power station, powerhouse - an electrical generating station
wind turbine - a turbine that is driven by the wind
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A Study of Bird and Bat Collisions at the Mountaineer Wind Energy Facility, Tucker County, West Virginia: Annual Report for 2003.
9MW Stroupster wind energy facility in the north of Scotland.
Renewable energy company EDF EN Canada Inc, a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles Group, reported on Thursday that phase two of the Riviere-du-Moulin wind project has been commissioned, representing the largest wind energy facility in Canada at 350 MW total.
On 29 September 2013, we documented desert tortoise burrow collapse caused by Nelson's big horn sheep trampling at a wind energy facility in Riverside Co.
Patterns of activity and fatality of migratory bats at a wind energy facility in Alberta, Canada.
The contract has been signed for a 200 MW wind energy facility to be built in Holt County, Missouri.
BASF's businesses that produce protective and marine coatings, general industry coatings, and coatings for wind energy facility rotor blades are explicitly not part of the planned divestiture.
The Cookhouse Wind Energy Facility is one of South Africa's leading renewableenergy projects, having received a positive Record of Decision from the Departmentof Environment on 25th May 2010 for the erection of up to 200 wind turbines.
We are even closer towards ushering in our Nation's first offshore wind energy facility while increasing jobs," said Ken Salazar, secretary of the Interior Department.
Klipheuwel Wind Energy Facility: The Klipheuwel Wind Energy Facility has a total capaity of 3.
The wind energy facility, which is expected to start working in 2013, will cost some BGN 150 M.
Garanti Bankasi on its own financed nearly half of the wind energy facility that has nearly 1.