wind exposure

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Noun1.wind exposure - exposure to the wind (as the exposed part of a vessel's hull which is responsible for wind resistance)
exposure - vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain; "exposure to the weather" or "they died from exposure";
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The mentioned criterion is based on this fact that in one certain point, the more the wind shelterindex is, the less wind exposure it takes, so the accumulated snow depth is more.
If it is rosacea, then it's best to identify - and avoid - triggers that make it worse, such as alcohol, caffeine, sunlight and wind exposure, heat and stress.
We've done a very good job capturing information concerning wind exposure, fire exposure and earthquake exposure.
In another attempt to lighten the burden of paying claims, Florida Citizens transferred 31,000 policies totaling $30 billion of coastal wind exposure on its book of business to start up Floridainsurer Weston Insurance Company last week.
The Structural Engineering requirements for leak free and stable designs of roof screens and solar racking, including the review of building occupancy, earthquake and impact loads, and wind exposure.
Some of the Company's wind exposure also dragged as project financing concerns resurfaced.
Orientation to make the most of sun and minimize wind exposure.
The Mountain Rescue Service (PSS) has informed that ridges in Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina suffer high wind exposure and are covered in fog and clouds.
The line, which debuted in May at select sports retailers including Foot Locker, includes sunscreen with anti-sting technology, a vitamin lip balm, a long-lasting anti-friction cream, a restorative foot gel and a body gel for post sun and wind exposure.
Solar panels are OK but wind turbines have atrocious load factors, especially if they are not in positions of maximum wind exposure like our beautiful mountains and hills.
For storage piles, the city notes that watering with spray bars, hoses and water trucks can be a first line of defense, as can three-sided storage barriers that will greatly reduce the amount of wind exposure for stored materials.
Underwriting initiatives have included rate adjustments, credit scoring, increased monitoring of wind exposure by county and rating class as well as physical inspections.