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Noun1.wind park - a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricitywind park - a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricity
power plant, power station, powerhouse - an electrical generating station
wind turbine - a turbine that is driven by the wind
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begins commercial operation on its 156MW wind park in Bulgarevo, near Kavarna in northeastern Bulgaria, in autumn 2009.
The Altona Wind Park is comprised of 65 turbines and 21.
Permission was granted by Chief Rick Gamble and when the test results came back positive, the planning for a new wind park began.
This wind park will be realized within the framework of the Independent Power Production (IPP).
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 6, 2007 - (JCN) - Misaki Wind Park Co.
The wind park will be triple the size of any existing U.
RICH BOWDEN (at left) interviews MR PER BERNARD, president of the Hepburn Renewable Energy Association, and finds their readiness to consult the local community was vital in winning support for Australia's first community-owned, small-scale wind park.
a Canadian subsidiary of UPC Wind Management, one of Europe's largest and most successful wind park developers, is assessing a land-based project north of Rutherglen near Talon Lake east of North Bay.
A proposed 170-turbine wind park off the southern coast of Massachusetts has generated considerable heat, but no power yet.
The 300-hectare farm hosting the site, Tomamae Green Hill Wind Park, houses a 20,000-kilowatt windmill power station built last October by Tomen Corp.
Several large wind projects are underway in Sweden, of which the Jadraas wind park (268 MW including its second phase) and the Blaiken wind park developed by a consortium made up of Fortum (initial phase of 150 MW).
The Danish manufacturer would deliver the hardware to the Wanglejing Niujijuan wind park in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region in the first half of 2016.