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a. The effect of wind on the course of a projectile.
b. The point or degree at which the wind gauge or sight of a rifle or gun must be set to compensate for the effect of the wind.
c. The difference in a given firearm between the diameter of the projectile fired and the diameter of the bore of the firearm.
2. The disturbance of air caused by the passage of a fast-moving object, such as a railway train.
3. Nautical The part of the surface of a ship exposed to the wind.


1. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery)
a. a deflection of a projectile as a result of the effect of the wind
b. the degree of such deflection
c. the extent to which it is necessary to adjust the wind gauge of a gun sight in order to compensate for such deflection
2. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) the difference between a firearm's bore and the diameter of its projectile
3. (Nautical Terms) nautical the exposed part of the hull of a vessel responsible for wind resistance
4. (Mechanical Engineering) the retarding force upon a rotating machine resulting from the drag of the air


(ˈwɪn dɪdʒ)

1. the influence of the wind in deflecting a missile.
2. the amount of such deflection.
3. the degree to which a gunsight must be adjusted to correct for windage.
4. the difference between the diameter of a projectile and that of the gun bore, to allow for the escape of gas and the prevention of friction.
5. that portion of a ship's surface upon which the wind acts.
6. friction between a rotor and the air within its casing, as in an electric generator.
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Noun1.windage - the retarding force of air friction on a moving object
drag, retarding force - the phenomenon of resistance to motion through a fluid
2.windage - the space between the projectile of a smoothbore gun and the surface of the bore of the gun
diam, diameter - the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference
3.windage - exposure to the wind (as the exposed part of a vessel's hull which is responsible for wind resistance)
exposure - vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain; "exposure to the weather" or "they died from exposure";
4.windage - the deflection of a projectile resulting from the effects of wind
bending, deflexion, deflection - the property of being bent or deflected
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The piece once cast, it must be bored with great precision, so as to preclude any possible windage.
Despite the fact that by his manoeuvre the Arangi had been hove to, he knew that windage and sea-driftage would quickly send her away from the swimming puppy.
Seven yards windage, Hal," said one, whose hair was streaked with gray.
The roots still held, while the tree had been shorn of its windage.
It's adjustable for both right- and left-handed shooters, includes over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify your setup, comes with a quiver mount and has laser marks for windage and elevation adjustments.
It had internal windage and elevation adjustments, eyepiece focusing, three inches of eye relief and a post or crosshair reticle--all for $25.
The sights are blade front and rear drift adjustable for windage.
It also features positive, tactile 1-MOA click adjustments for elevation, and 1/2 MOA click adjustments for windage which allows shooters to "dial into" long-range targets with speed and precision.
An ultra-fine click knob yields quick windage adjustments, and a reversible bracket permits greater vertical adjustment.
It comes with 10 interchangeable bits including a square drive-adapter bit; T10, T15 and T20 Torx bits; 3/32 and 5/32 Allen bits; a Leupold/Buehler windage bit; and #10, #11 and #32 deluxe flat-blade bits.
The one-inch-tube scope offers shooters the convenience of external turret windage and elevation adjustments, and parallax adjustment (25 yards to infinity, with major yardages indicated).
Both models feature Crimson Trace's proprietary Instinctive Activation, a master on/off switch and windage and elevation adjustment screws.