windfall profit

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Noun1.windfall profit - profit that occurs unexpectedly as a consequence of some event not controlled by those who profit from it
net income, net profit, profit, profits, earnings, lucre, net - the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
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The IMF has secured funding for its concessional loans to the world's poorest countries with its membership agreeing to contribute more than 90 percent of the windfall profits from the sale of IMF gold to the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT).
Meanwhile, the Chairman of state-run power company National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Arup Roy Chowdhury, said it had made no windfall profits from the allocations and that the lower costs meant cheaper electricity for consumers.
The Government argues the Australian public should be sharing in these windfall profits.
The Algerian energy minster, Chakib Khelil, says he's still waiting for international oil companies' reaction to the proposed new law introducing the windfall profits tax on oil, along with a move to give the state-owned oil firm Sonatrach a 51% interest in their contracts.
Basically, the utilities would be using emissions trading as an excuse to make a windfall profit.
Local gunsmiths might reap a windfall profit from this as handgunners turn to the local trade instead of spending the extra money to send the gun off to a pistolsmith with a national reputation.
We depict the ability-to-pay corporate taxes in terms of windfall profit, which we define as the excess (deficiency) of realized returns over (under) the amount necessary to compensate investors for the risk of their investment (e.
One increasingly important component of these benefits is the windfall profit generated by leasing signs for outdoor advertisements.
Hundreds of thousands of investors are gambling on qualifying for a windfall profit from building societies that become banks.
A facility may have lowered its costs and had a resultant windfall profit, but once those lower costs are used for rate-setting a couple of years later, the profit comes down.
The Halls sought a refund of overpaid windfall profit taxes.
The MICC has recently agreed to impose either a 10-percent tax on gross earnigns or a tax of 55 percent on adjusted mining income, plus a percentage of windfall profit, whichever would bring increased revenues to the government.